Three Shawwal Tips To Get the Best of the Month Shawwal

Shawwal Tips

Three Shawwal Tips After Ramadan With Ramadan behind us now, many worry about losing the heightened spiritual connection. Attending the daily night prayers of tarawih, setting aside time to recite more Quran, and even simple dhikr, has left a void. Although our schedules are back to normal, we are blessed with a special gift in […]

Planning for the Night of Power

Planning for the Night of Power

The last 10 nights of Ramadan are extra special because one night in those last 10 nights is the Night of Power (Layatul Qadr). There’s no other night as sacred as this night, and it is on us to sacrifice our sleep for worship, with the hopes of receiving the amazing reward of this night. Here are some ways to plan and organize yourself in the hopes of catching this blessed night.

Ramadan Goals to Try Now

3 Way to Press ‘Re-Start’ With Ramadan

Focusing on worship allows our hearts and souls to feel refreshed. Check out three ways to maximize your Ramadan goals.

Islamic Distance Education – Overcoming Challenges of Traditional Islamic Learning

Islamic Distance Education

Many parents seek Islamic Distance Education to access high-quality Islamic tutors and materials. Traditionally, students would go to Islamic schools, memorization boarding schools, or classes held in the masjid for Quran, Hadiths, and Islamic studies. With the development of technology and the challenges of the times, educational trends and tools have become quite different. The […]