Muslim Parenting Made Easy

Muslim Parenting

One Hadith Teaches the Core of Good Muslim Parenting Muslim parenting in the age of the internet is tough.  Instilling a mindset that will help our children in deen and Dunya has never been more challenging. Many parents join IQRA Network to help raise their family with the knowledge of Islam. They work hard to […]

What is Gheebat in Islam?

Gheebat in Islam

Gheebat in Islam or backbiting is a major sin. We’ll look at why it’s so destructive and how to stop ourselves… Click to read more.

The Month of Rajab

The Month of Rajab

The months of Islam are important for Muslims to know. Four months are sacred, and one of those is the month of Rajab. Learn more.

A Dua for Help in all Affairs

Duaa of Moses

The Supplication of Musa (as) The Quran contains many amazing duas (supplications).  With something a believer should say, such as the dua for getting into a riding vehicle or supplications that Prophets have made, which are mentioned in the Quran. Prophets are tested in the hardest ways. Many supplications in the Quran are duas for […]

Looking for a Private Quran Teacher?

Private Quran Teacher

Here are Our Honest Thoughts  A question was asked… maybe you know the answer? The sister says, “Being born Muslim, I learned Quran in my childhood. But over time, I stopped reading and forgot a lot of it. I want a private Quran teacher (I think), but I don’t know if it will help me?” IQRA Network […]

How to Prepare for Ramadan

How To Prepare For Ramadan Thumbnail

Learning how to prepare for Ramadan helps us get the most out of it. Get tips to have your heart, mind & soul ready for Ramadan’s rewards.

How Old is the Arabic Language?

Arabic Language Day

How old is the Arabic language? It’s a debated topic, but with that post, you’ll learn why it’s a celebrated language across the world.