Do Muslims Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Muslims Celebrate Thanksgiving Featured

The question, “Do Muslims Celebrate Thanksgiving?” comes up a lot. Learn what gratitude is for a believer and where we fit in this practice.

What Are the Gates of Jannah?

Gates of Jannah

The gates of Jannah are a great way to focus our efforts. We can set Jannah goals. Learn how to make Paradise your life’s purpose.

Six Meaningful Ways to Build Trust in Allah

Trust in Allah

Action Steps to Build Tawwakul Are you feeling anxious about life? Do the soaring housing prices stress you?  Or are you paralyzed with fear over your children’s future? Maybe most of your thoughts are consumed by “what if?”  As Muslims, we must ‘tie our camel’ and trust in Allah. But how much is too much? […]

Dua for A Happy Life with Your Husband

A Reply to Muslim Women Around the Globe   Did you know ‘dua for happy life with husband‘ is searched an average of 800 times…a month?   The number increases significantly when you start counting all the other ‘happy Muslim husband’ and ‘happy Muslim marriage’ searches.   It reaches the millions.   This indicates the […]

Is there Halloween in Islam?

Is there Halloween in Islam?

Halloween in Islam is not a matter that should be taken lightly. We outline why Muslims shouldn’t associate with Halloween. Learn more.

Why Repent to Allah?

Why Repent to Allah?

Repent to Allah: Acknowledging Our Sinful Nature Before Allah   Why do believers repent to Allah? And why are Muslims always asking Allah to forgive them?   Don’t we repent to Allah for huge things?   Imagine your best friend making a joke about the lady standing in line. “Did you see all the ice […]

Surah Mulk Benefits Everyone

The first verse of Surah Tabarak benefits Muslims.

Three Tips to Reap the Rewards of Surah Mulk Life is tough, but the next life could be tougher! What are you doing to help open those gates of heaven? How about an intercessor asking for your forgiveness on the Day of Judgment! Read on to learn how Surah Mulk benefits us in the afterlife.  […]

Fajr Sunnah Prayer: Six Ways to Get Up for Fajr

Wakeup for Fajr Sunnah Prayer

Wake Up to Success with Fajr Sunnah Prayer Monday morning.  It’s still dark outside, and your phone’s alarm has gone off. You reach, with your eyes closed, and turn it off. Grab the blanket, curl up, and turn over. Just 5 minutes, you tell yourself. Just 5 minutes. Thirty minutes later, your eyes hit the […]

Do We Have to Read Quran in Arabic?

Read Quran in Arabic

Unraveling the Debate on Reading Quran in Arabic vs. English Do I have to read Quran in Arabic if I don’t understand it? Isn’t it pointless to read Quran in a language I don’t know?  We always get these questions at IQRA, and there’s a simple answer!  Yes, reading Quran in Arabic can be difficult […]