In all circumstances and at all times throughout your life, you find that – if you watch yourself for a day, for example – you will notice that you mention the word of monotheism more than any other words, even if we exclude the prayers and reading of the Qur’an, you would see that in your most joyful moments; you say: “There is no God but Allah” when you weep about someone or something; you say: There is no god but Allah when you hear the good news that you are unable to find the most suitable words to thank Allah (SWT)for it; you say: There is no god but Allah, and if you are filled with sorrow that breaks your heart and you fear your patience is waning fast and wearing thin; you say: There is no god but Allah, then you whisper to yourself saying: “Patience” and sit in total silence.

When you fall into distress, even if it narrowed you down the earth as welcomed and narrowed you yourself, you find the world is narrowing down for your big heart to live in, and suddenly, someone pats you on the shoulder saying: “Put your trust in Allah, Allah is sufficient for you”, He is Our Maula (Lord, Helper, and Protector), he advises you calmly and with certainty to say: “There is no god but Allah. ”

Perhaps all of us have experienced these moments, but we did not know. We did not stop once at the meaning of “Tawheed”, and maybe we – the common people -are not concerned with explaining the meanings in detail, as long as we say: “There is no god but Allah” that we should not stop saying it at all .”

But by doing so, we missed great feelings that we could realize by knowing the original meaning of monotheism when we said: “There is no god but Allah”; for the expression of monotheism alone is enough to admit you to the paradise as the Messengerﷺsaid in the honorable hadith:

“Whoever said: There is no god but Allah, he will enter Paradise.” But the scholars are of the view that this virtue is not achieved by mere speech, but by the heart’s awareness of it, and the sincerity of the tongue in it, so it is necessary for us to explain in brief the “Tawheed”  definition.

What is monotheism in the language?

Monotheism is derived from the unity of the thing if he makes it one, then it is the source of the One who unites the Oneness, that is, to make the thing one,but this is in things, what about the Creator of things and the Lord of the universe? Monotheismidiomatically( in the Shariah): i.e. Singling out God – Glory be to Him – with what is specific to Him of lordship, divinity, names, and attributes. And here we do not say that we unite God in the sense of “make Him one”; God forbid that we “make” Him and He is the Almighty the One Who “Made” everything. Rather, He is the One God whom we acknowledge and affirm that He is our Lord and our God, the Possessor of the Most Beautiful Names and Lofty Attributes. Therefore, the meaning of Allah’s (SWT)monotheism will be clear to us, when listening to SuratAl-Ikhlaas saying, “Say, He is God, the One, (1)”

It became clear to us from what has preceded that the divisions of monotheism are three, and monotheism is not complete without them combined.

1-Monotheism of Lordship: It is singling out God Almighty with His Actions, with Command, Creation, and Kingship; an acknowledgment from you, O slave, that God is the Owner of everything, the Creator of everything, the Everlasting, the Supporter of the whole universe, and when you look around you and know for sure that God is the Creator of  all things, and the Lord of the Worlds, a question comes to you, “Say, in Whose hand is the kingdom of all things,” and you answer with certainty within yourself, “Allah.”

The strange thing here is that if you ask the unbelievers the same question: “And if you ask them who created them, they will say, God.” here? They will give you the same answer as yours. So what is the difference here? as we said; Tawheed does not occur with one division of it without another, and that takes us directly to the monotheism second division.

2-Tawheed al-Uluhiyyah(Oneness of Worship): You see everything that surrounds you has One King, One Creator, and One Lord, i.e. Who is God.

Does that not require you to worship Him? To purify Him, to worship Him alone, and to deny it to anyone else? He has no partner, there is no god but He, for here you do not say that God is God and stop, but you say that “there is no god but God,” and here you reached the unification of divinity, unlike those who acknowledged that God is the Creator of everything,  they knew the monotheism of God, but they did not reach unification of divinity, for they have taken gods besides Him from their whims, and they have not singled out God of His divinity.”And your God is one God, there is no god but He, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.”

3- Monotheism of the Names and Attributes: If you know Allah is the Creator of everything, you believe in Him as a God who has no partner, and therefore you know Him by His Names that He singled out for Himself, “And to Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names, so call upon Him by them.” The attributes that He made known to us, and His Self-Purification of all things. The Almighty, He is Allah, “He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity, the Sovereign, the Pure, the Perfection, the Grantor of Security, the Overseer, the Exalted in Might, the Compeller, the Superior.

Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him.”And let me tell you something that now you feel this meaning for the first time and understand “He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity,” then His attributes came, and the verse concluded with” Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him.”

We understand now that to say: “There is no god but Allah” is more than a mere word, and is greater than a phrase that we repeat and utter with our tongues in all our circumstances, repeating it is always good, but it will be better when we realize what our hearts are doing to reach it honestly and to say it complete, complete and comprehensive because a group of people believed in the first division of monotheism and ignored the rest and disbelieved, and another group of people believed in two divisions of monotheism and left the latter, so they innovated(owners of heresy? ,and then  a group of Muslims believed in the three divisions of monotheism, they believed above all else, that Allah, is the sole divine deity, who does not share His divinity with other partners, so they truly understood the meaning of the hadith; when the Messenger of Godﷺ said: “Whoever said: There is no god but Allah, he will enter Paradise.”

This was general information on monotheism, that most of us are ignorant of it. So imagine that you can navigate more in that knowledge and know God with true knowledge. Therefore, any piece of information you are searching for will be easily provided to you via the “IQRA” Platform, through specialized teachers who have been teaching  Shari’a Sciences in an easy and interactive manner for many years, and they are keen to teach you this type of knowledge to gain its fruits on your own life as a Muslim, attaching to the rope of God more and more.