Some people think, upon hearing the word art of public speaking (the art of rhetoric), they will use it only when standing on the pulpit during Friday prayers or addressing large groups during their election campaign. Likewise, when they hear the term art of recitation (diction), nothing comes to their minds other than the image of their favorite poet, reciting one of his poems while lowering his voice at times and raising it sometimes and playing with his hands right and left.

The truth is that the art of rhetoric and recitation does not concern them alone, but it is necessary for everyone who wants to describe something, and everyone should master it if he wants to convince others of his points of view, or explain a specific point in a confident and persuasive way, in addition to the most needed of those who address people and speak in front of a large number, Whether they are officials, politicians, lecturers, orators, poets, or many others who stand even once before a crowd of people. Hence, you will find that the importance of the art of rhetoric is not limited to the orators and poets only, but they are just a few of many categories that need to master those skills.

What is the importance of public speaking?

You need public speaking because you are one of three people:

First: You need public speaking if you are a person whose field depends basically on it, such as being a lawyer, lecturer, orator, poet, teacher, broadcaster, or any of the professions in which you need to speak continuously and periodically, so without public speaking, your source of income and your profession is in danger.

Second: You need to the art of public speaking and recitation (diction)for a reason related to a specific circumstance, such as to be a guest in several episodes in a specific program, to engage in heated debates arguments, to be a candidate in presidential or parliamentary elections, your company’s board of directors elections, the union that you are a member of it, or you are going to present your evidence, for instance, before an investigative committee that was summoned before the board of directors.

Third: You need public speaking because of the “possibility” that you will fall into a situation in which your tongue and the way you speak will be your only weapon in the future, such as your company honors you by asking you to give a speech even for a minute, people present you to speak in any emergency situation, or if you need to convince others with your argument, ensuing a lot of things.

From the above, we can see that the importance of the art of public speaking and recitation go beyond specific professions or specific people, but is required for almost all people.

Some people suffer from difficulties in public speaking and recitation and fears of standing in front of the audience, when stuttering or forgetting thoughts occurs, you do not know the correct expression in your body language, one of those present in the audience embarrasses you, or surprises you with a question that you did not consider, or you feel that those who are In front of you, they don’t care about your speech and look fed up.

All these fears in situations urge you to learn public speaking skills.

And through public speaking skills, you can overcome all these embarrassing situations, by identifying the different categories of the audience, and their various segments, preparing appropriately for your speech, and writing the most important ideas on a small piece of paper. What are the ideas and how will you write them? And you should know how to bring your contact with the audience, how to make them attentive to your words? How can you shorten the conversation if you do not have enough time? How do you start with an introduction that grabs their eyes and lets them give attention to you, and how do you end with a strong conclusion that makes them want to chant for you: “Complete, Complete?”

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