What does pbuh in Arabic stand for?

A Guide to Commonly Abbreviated Arabic and English Islamic Terminology What does pbuh in Arabic mean? Are you looking for an Islamic acronym cheat sheet?  Save this page to refer to later!  Here we break down all the pbuh, saw, and ia abbreviations and what they mean.   Did you know there is pbuh in Arabic […]

Read Quran in Arabic for Busy Moms

Muslim woman reading Quran with her daughter

Learning to read Quran in Arabic isn’t difficult. It’s as simple as shifting your mindset and removing barriers, and here’s how to do that!

What is the Science of Al Balaghah?

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Many people feel intimated by the word “rhetoric” or, in Arabic, Al Balaghah. They immediately assume it is the art of coming up with difficult words that others won’t understand. Instead, it’s the opposite. The meaning of the word “balaghah” comes from the verb لتصل ( litasil ), which means “to reach.” The idea is […]

Teaching Arabic to children

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The importance of teaching Arabic Arabic language is of great importance as it is the language of the Noble Qur’an, the Prophet’s Sunnahﷺ, the language of the Islamic religious and cultural heritage, and one of the most important elements of the cultural and civilizational identity of Muslims owing to its expressive aesthetics and linguistic miracles. […]

How To Effectively Learn The Quran Online

How To Effectively Learn The Quran Online

The Holy Quranic verse passed down from Allah to Prophet Muhammad is the core of the Islamic faith and the foundation upon which Muslims can build their life, family, goals and relationships. Those who successfully memorize it become hafiz — learned Muslims with the highest respect of their community. Yet learning about the Quran represents a […]