Al-Madd Al-Tamkeen

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Have you ever come across something so simple that you’ve thought it’s too insignificant to consider… or take note of? Many tajweed books nowadays have omitted this madd because of it’s necessity that comes naturally when reciting. Yet, I thought I should post it here so that you can all be more aware that such a rule […]

Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Harfee

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This post is a continuation from the previous: Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Kalimee If you’ve made it to this point… then know that you’re just 6 counts away from finishing the foundational tajweed rules! ? One last omph and you can badge up a .:mujawwid/ah:. tag and stick it on your galaabeeyah 😊   Al-Madd Al-Laazim Al-Harfee: […]

Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Kalimee

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Do you enjoy really long walks? By the seaside or greenery? If you enjoy lengthy “anythings”, then you’ll definitely enjoy sounding this lengthy madd…   Al-Madd Al-Laazim: necessary prolongation is the longest madd in tajweed. It is an umbrella term that branches into 2 types, which also branch into another 2 types, hence making a total […]

Al-Madd Al-Silah: Kubra & Sughra

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The time it takes to repair and re-connect depends on how frequent you undergo a check up. Remember to revisit your heart’s checklist [emotion, faith, intentions, etc] occasionally in order to shorten the time it needs to wholeheartedly repent and re-connect with Allah. Keep in mind though, this isn’t the only connection you’ll need to take […]

Al-Madd Al-‘Aarid Lil Sukoon

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Have you ever been in those situations where an awkward silence is bound to happen? And when it does, it feels as though time stretches tenfold? Check out what happens to this stretchy prolongation when it hits a short silence (sukoon)! Al-Madd Al-‘Aarid Lil Sukoon[1]: temporary prolongation occurs only at the end of an ayah […]

Al-Madd Al-Leen

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Lean meat, lean on me, leniency…. Which “leen” is it? Let’s find out. Al-Madd Al-Leen[1]: easy/eased prolongation only occurs when the reciter is stopping recitation after the word containing the madd, eg. for a breath, or at the end of an ayah, etc. Let’s look at why this is so. Al-madd al-leen occurs when a waaw saakinah […]

Al-Madd Al-Badal

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This madd is very simple. Almost as simple as the madd tabee‘ee, in fact. You might just be surprised to know you have been doing this madd since you first started reading Quran without even realising it… Have a read for yourself…. Al-Madd Al-Badal: substituted prolongation occurs when a hamza (?) preceeds a harf madd (?    or     ?     […]

Al-Madd Al-‘Iwad

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Have you ever wondered why many people have opted to take the escalator instead of stairs? Have we compensated health for convenience? Will you sound this compensated madd? Al-Madd Al-‘Iwad: compensated prolongation, occurs only at the end of a word that has tanween fat-h. It’s conditions are as follow:         1. A word ends […]

Al-Madd Al-Tabee’ee

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In the same way we sometimes wished that our holiday period can be a little longer, your tongue, ears and some letters themselves wish that they’re said for a little longer. ‘Why?’, you may think… Well, how obscure to the ear is it to hear someone say a dammah instead of a waaw? And how […]

Ahkaam Al-Madd

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One of the largest sections of Tajweed is Ahkaam Al-Madd. There are 9 different types of madd, with two further splitting into five segments, therefore making the total of 13. To help me remember these mudood (plural of madd), I drew up a table with the name of each madd, the length of it in […]