Tafseer Al-Quran

Tafseer Al-Quran

by Imam Sonosi Abdo

Al-Fatiha is with no doubt the most recited sura of the Quran and therefore understanding its meaning and significance is of paramount importance to any Muslim. This is the second lecture in our Tafseer series where we will dive into the meanings of Al-Fatiha. The lecture will cover the differences between a variety of concepts including Hamd and Shukur, Tawheed Olohiyaah vs Tawheed Robobiyah, Al Rahman vs Al Raheem, Maleek vs Malik and the various meaning of the word Deen. The lecture will also take a comprehensive look at the full Tafseer of Al-Fatiha.

Time:  Every Saturday –  09:30-10:30 pm EST

Speaker Bio:

The Quran is the story of his life. At the age of 12 years, Imam Sonosi finished memorization of the Quran under the supervision and guidance of scholars in Egypt. His primary focus was on how to read the Quran accurately as reported by the companions of the prophet (PBUH) using Tajweed rules. He is a graduate of Al-Azhar University in Egypt and works as an Imam & Preacher with an Ijazah of Hafs an Asim.


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