I already know how to read the Quran, and I take my kids to Sunday school on a regular basis. Why should I enrol them in IQRA?

Reading in Arabic, and specifically reading the Quran correctly, is a science in itself. Our goal at IQRA is not just to ensure you understand the language but that you excel at it. Excellence cannot be attained without regular practice that can be fitted into your busy schedule. Our high-quality tutors offer Arabic and Quran education through an interactive online environment with personalized one-on-one sessions suitable for the whole family. The focus remains on dedicated learning through flexible classes based on your family’s needs and commitments at all times.

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How does the instructor know I have completed my work to a certain level?

Our handpicked and well-trained instructors review your performance following each class, including your homework assignments. Your speed and recall abilities are assessed every step of the way. Once you have clearly mastered the material at a specific level, you can then advance to the next level.

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I am too old and too busy to memorize the Quran.

Never say never! People memorize the Quran at all stages of their lives, including those with very busy schedules. Once you set your intentions and put in the effort, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Your brain is like any other muscle in your body. The more you use it, the better the results. Our qualified tutors will help you navigate your journey and will provide practical steps and concrete tips to support your learning and memorization.

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Can I attend a session with my child?

For younger children with smaller attention spans, we certainly encourage parents to participate in the session to help them overcome challenging activities. Children aged 7 and over who have the ability to remain focused for extended periods require no adult supervision. We believe it is important to let them work on their own, aided by encouragement from their tutor. This will help them boost their self-confidence and develop good study habits in the future.

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How will the instructor place me?

Your placement will be based on a decision tree that evaluates different aspects, including age, aptitude, Quran memorization, speed, and accuracy. For Arabic, we specifically evaluate letter recognition and pronunciation, language usage, sentence synthesis, and reading comprehension. For Quran, we assess memorization and tajweed rules. During your free evaluation session, a trained tutor will grade your performance on these skills. They will then develop a personalized plan to ensure you are placed at the right level.

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How do the rewards work?

Our reward system is very simple and particularly effective to motivate younger learners. Each hour spent learning will earn one point. Students can then visit IQRA’s portal or email support to redeem the points for prizes advertised at our rewards vault. Typically, the reward will be sent to your home address within 24-48 hours.

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What happens if I cannot attend a lesson?

No problem! As long as you notify us at least 24 hours before a session, you will not be charged for non-attendance. We do ask you to always remain courteous of our tutors’ time and to notify us as soon as you know you won’t be able to attend a particular class.

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How can I get started?

Simply visit www.iqranetwork.com to schedule your free evaluation session.

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I want to become a teacher, how do I get taxed?

IQRA Network will not issue 1099-MISC forms to teachers.

IRS rules state that an employer is not required to provide a 1099-MISC form when payment for services rendered is made through a third party payment network such as PayPal or Western Union.

Western Union will issue you a 1099-K only if the following conditions occur in the same calendar year:

(1) The gross amount of total reportable payment transactions
exceeds $20,000, and
(2) The total number of such transactions exceeds 200.

If a teacher does not exceed both $20,000 and 200 transactions in the same year, Western Union will not issue you a 1099-K. In other words, if you’ve made less than $20,000 or have had less than 200 transactions in a year, you don’t have to wait for or expect a tax form related to tutoring on IQRA Network.

As always, please follow your local tax laws and consult for advice when necessary..

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What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel at least 6 hours for premium members or 1 hour for premium plus members prior to class, you will receive full credit on your next billing statement. If you cancel less than 6 hours for premium members and 1 hour for premium plus members prior to class, you will receive no refund or credit. Maximum cancellations allowed per month are limited to 1/4 of the registered hours (e.g. 8 hours per month have a maximum limit of 2 hours for cancellation otherwise lessons are fully charged). Please note that teachers are fully paid for classes that are cancelled 6 hours or less prior to class, so we ask you to make an effort to notify us via email at support@iqranetwork.com or via phone 1-855-477-2100.

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What is your class makeup policy?

If you cancel at least 6 hours prior to class and request a makeup, please contact us via email at support@iqranetwork.com or via phone 1-855-477-2100. We will be more than happy to schedule a makeup lesson for you.

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What is your payment policy?

Your payment is crucial to maintaining affordable rates for everyone. You will receive an invoice every four weeks that covers the following four weeks. It is due within three days of the issue date and we ask you to promptly submit payments as our commitments to our teachers depends on timely payments. If we owe you a refund (e.g., due to a cancellation of a class), a refund will be posted on your next invoice. If you are unable to make payments due to financial hardship, please contact billing@iqranetwork.com or call us at 1-855-477-2100. IQRA maintains a fund for sponsoring students who are going through financial hardship and depending on your circumstances; funds can be allocated towards your fees.

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What if a teacher is absent and misses my class?

In rare circumstances, a teacher might miss a class (e.g., due to an electric outage, a medical emergency), in such cases, a full refund will be posted to your next invoice, or we will promptly contact you to schedule a makeup lesson.

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What if a teacher is late to my class?

In rare circumstances, a teacher might come late to class. You should receive an electronic notification about the delay. In such cases, the teacher will extend the lesson to compensate the student for lost time if possible, otherwise, credit will be posted to your next invoice to make up for the lost time.

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Why are my sessions being recorded?

Our quality management department is staffed only by female members who have expertise in online learning, behavioral and teaching methods, and technology use. Their role is to monitor teacher performance and to analyze a range of metrics to improve the quality of your teaching experience and to deliver a tailored learning experience that maximizes your benefit and may indirectly impact other’s teaching style. Your videos may be used for this purpose or to address any concerns you may have about the teacher and her teaching style and are deleted regularly once analyzed.

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