IQRA Sponsorship Education Program

IQRA Sponsorship Education Program

The IQRA Network Sponsorship program is designed to support students who are suffering from economic hardship or who are among new Muslims. The program provides tiered support for students depending on their income situation. To become a sponsor of the program, you can provide donations using one of the following categories. Your donation will be only used to teach students Quran and Arabic.

We have verified that your pledge of support  will be Zakat eligibe which offers the best return on investment.  We have received a fatwa from Dar Al-Iftah in Azhar about that eligibility of your money to support Islamic and Quran education. Here is the content of the fatwa:

Question: If a portion of the financing would go towards funding students to learn Quran and Arabic is that portion considered Zakat eligible?”

Answer: When they talk about the spending on the poor and the needy, and that the student of knowledge is given enough zakat to support his livelihood even if he is able to earn at the Shaafa’is, even if he had a nisaab at the Hanafis… Accordingly, in the case of the question: it is permissible to share the money from zakaah, charity and donations to students of knowledge

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