Academic Adviser

IQRA Network is a USA based e-learning service that focuses on teaching Quran and the Arabic Language using novel electronic teaching methods. We are looking for fulltime or part-time female academic advisers who will work from home to respond to assign students to teachers, respond to teacher requests, coordinate lessons and respond to student inquiries and resolve complaints via phone, email, chat or social media.

Primary responsibilities

  • Attend lessons as an observer to develop a persona profile for both teachers and students
  • Assign appropriate syllabi to students and develop.
  • Evaluate students and assign them to appropriate teachers
  • Coordinate schedules with both students and teachers.
  • Advice students on courses and perform student evaluations.
  • Listen to student/parent complaints and suggest solutions.
  • Promptly resolve student complaints via phone, email, chat or social media.
  • Compile reports on overall student satisfaction.

Primary requirements

  • Availability for at least 5 consecutive hours for 6 days during Monday-Friday from 8pm-2am (Cairo Time), Sat and Sun 3pm-11pm (Cairo Time)
  • Native or quasi-native mastery in English.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Prior teaching experience is desirable.
  • Excellent use of smart phones and computers.
  • Knowledge of Google tools including google calendar, sheets, drive, docs etc.
  • Flexibility and multi-tasking skills.
  • Strong background in Arabic and Quranic Science is desirable.

Training is remote, paid and takes 1-2 weeks. A high attention to detail, service orientation and schedule adherence is required. We offer competitive salaries and paid vacation. To apply, please fill this application.