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Al-Madd Al-Tamkeen

Have you ever come across something so simple that you’ve thought it’s too insignificant to consider… or take note of? Many tajweed books nowadays have

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Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Harfee

This post is a continuation from the previous: Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Kalimee If you’ve made it to this point… then know that you’re just 6 counts

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Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Kalimee

Do you enjoy really long walks? By the seaside or greenery? If you enjoy lengthy “anythings”, then you’ll definitely enjoy sounding this lengthy madd…  

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Al-Madd Al-Silah: Kubra & Sughra

The time it takes to repair and re-connect depends on how frequent you undergo a check up. Remember to revisit your heart’s checklist [emotion, faith, intentions,

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Al-Madd Al-Leen

Lean meat, lean on me, leniency…. Which “leen” is it? Let’s find out. Al-Madd Al-Leen[1]: easy/eased prolongation only occurs when the reciter is stopping recitation

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Al-Madd Al-Badal

This madd is very simple. Almost as simple as the madd tabee‘ee, in fact. You might just be surprised to know you have been doing this madd since

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Al-Madd Al-‘Iwad

Have you ever wondered why many people have opted to take the escalator instead of stairs? Have we compensated health for convenience? Will you sound this

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Al-Madd Al-Tabee’ee

In the same way we sometimes wished that our holiday period can be a little longer, your tongue, ears and some letters themselves wish that

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A Brief Guide

I felt there was a need to put up this page for people who may not be entirely familiar with the way this site functions.

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