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Ayra Khan

Teacher Sarah makes memorizing Quran so fun.

Joanna Ali

Amazing place to learn Quran! The teachers are very friendly and engaging. Both my 10 and 8-year-old boys love it! They’ve really progressed in their tajweed and memorization mashaAllah. So glad IQRA Network was recommended to me! Support staff are very helpful and respond to any queries fast. We’re from Sydney so really appreciated IQRA staff going above and beyond to cater to my children’s needs and times. Love the use of Google chat to communicate between parent/child and teacher. Highly recommend.

Isa Mohiuddin

We went through 2 or 3 teachers before we found IQRA Network Sh. Yusuf.

Shaizada Zien

AMAZING! The first institute online that is affordable with Azhari teachers Learning Sciences of deen In Arabic! Currently studying Hanafi Fiqh In Arabic and I count the days till my next lesson, It's been that good so far. To maximize the lessons I'd recommend buying the studied text so revision is better and you can write your own notes. But honestly speaking the organization the care the punctuality the dedication. This institute is NOT a business like other institutions they have Solidified my fiqh knowledge massive!

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You ask, we answer

Here are responses to some frequently-asked questions

Where are the students from?

Our students represent over 46 countries all over the world. Most live in the USA, UK, and Australia. We accommodate any language and every time zone.

What is the age limit for students?

There is no age limit, however, we recommend a minimum age of 4 years old. All lessons are online, so using a mouse and clicking links is required.

Do I have to know Arabic to join?

No. We have many students who came without reading one letter in Arabic and have now memorized a whole chapter of the Quran. Most of our students are non-Arabic speakers.