Al-Madd Al-Jaa’ez Al-Munfasil

Whether you’re doing the splits, visiting Split, or eating a banana split, you can’t go past sounding a [split] permissible prolongation! Al-Madd Al-Jaa’ez Al-Munfasil: Permissible prolongation, occurs when a word ends with a harf madd (?    or     ?     or    ?) and is followed by a word that begins with hamza (?). The name here has…

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Al-Madd Al-Waajib Al-Mutasil

What’s your favourite childhood game? Connecting puzzles, connect-a-four, or practicing the connected obligatory prolongation? Al-Madd Al-Waajib Al-Mutasil: is the obligatory prolongation. It is prolonged for either four or five counts (your choice of either). If you choose to prolong for four counts, then this must remain consistent throughout your recitation. Likewise is if you chose…

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