Interactive Online Arabic and Quran Education

Interactive Online Arabic and Quran Education

Muslims who wish to further their understanding of their faith and the lessons of the Holy Quran can take on the task of learning the Arabic language, reciting and interpreting the Quran, and studying the history and institutions of Islam.

The revelations of Allah, received by the Prophet Muhammad nearly 1,500 years ago, are meant to be read, spoken and studied in their traditional Arabic, a task that is very challenging but rewarding. Those who commit to studying online Arabic education through IQRA will emerge with a deeper understanding of Allah’s will and the knowledge needed to be a leader in modern-day Muslim society.

IQRA’s Courses and Tutors

IQRA can help any pupil — of all ages and educational backgrounds — learn and master the fundamentals of the Arabic language as a building block for this journey of faith.

Our three main course offerings include online Arabic classes, online Quran classes and Quran memorization. They provide the interactive environment needed for students to memorize and practice the language and sacred text.

IQRA instructors have a major advantage over university or software courses: they provide personalized tutoring, including one-on-one sessions, with educational backgrounds in linguistics, Islamic culture and theology. Graduates of the highly regarded Al-Azhar University of Cairo — the foremost university of the Islamic world — they can plan goals and milestones, direct study sessions and answer any questions as they go.

Why Choose IQRA?

The flexibility of online Quran classes at IQRA makes it possible for today’s Muslim families to learn about the Quran and Arabic on their schedule.

While memorization of the text forms the centerpiece of our online Quran education, our tutors delve further into the commitment between mankind and Allah, examining the aqidah creed, fiqh laws, and the development of scholarly debate throughout the centuries about hadith and the Holy Text.

Students enjoy a variety of resources from IQRA to enrich their education — including hand-picked materials, e-learning tools and interactive video sessions.

Education Topics

A complete Muslim education encompasses a wide variety of subjects:

  • Teaching Philosophy: Our organization’s teaching philosophy is to serve modern students and families, helping them through technology and flexibility to learn the Arabic language and the Holy Quran — incorporating aspects of Islamic theology throughout to contextualize lessons.
  • Arabic Studies: The core of IQRA’s education, Arabic studies, gives students a platform to better understand the Islamic faith. Students will learn how to read and speak Arabic. Since Allah gave each word of the Holy Quran to the Prophet Muhammad in the Arabic language, every word carries a great deal of nuance. Students may be able to quickly grasp these intricacies, or they may need to start from a beginner’s level as they progress on this great journey.
  • Islamic Studies: With the foundation of the Arabic language, students can take a wide variety of further Islamic studies classes. These students will dig much deeper into the core of the Islamic religion, learning more about the Quran, the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers, and how Islamic thinkers and writers throughout history have thought upon and interpreted the words of Allah.

The courses available at IQRA can help a Muslim along one of the greatest journeys of his or her life — sharpening spiritual curiosity and grounding one’s self in this world and the next. Schedule a free evaluation and get started today!