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Haytham E.

Haytham E.

Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies - Al-Azhar University
Cairo, Egypt


Asalam Alikum, as a servant of Allah, I am in love with teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. The status of the Arabic language emanates from the honor of the Holy Quran. This language is characterized by its accuracy and difficulty. I strive to give my students tools to overcome this difficulty including explanation and clarification using all means in an attractive and engaging manner until the goal is achieved taking into account the differences between the beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. I adhere to the classical Arabic language and not the colloquial in the management of the lesson, whether the Koran or the Arabic language in order to accustom the student’s to hearing the Arabic language, even if the student did not understand some of the words at first. My style is to resort to the use of the language of the student when explaining only in limited forms which yields better results. I use educational aids through some games to develop language. Interaction and interaction and then interaction with the student is the basis of teaching the foreign language through different means. Developing all skills for the student without forgetting one of them from reading, writing, speaking and listening is a key goal of mine.