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Al-Laam Al-Qamareeyah

A bright full moon always adds a beautiful hint of shine to the sky. It casts down a gorgeous reflection of white, streaking shadows across

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Al-Laam Al-Shamseeyah

Do you favour sunny days over cool nights? Or a bright glowing moon instead? This post is filled with sunshine, so pop on your sunnies

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Al-Madd Al-Tamkeen

Have you ever come across something so simple that you’ve thought it’s too insignificant to consider… or take note of? Many tajweed books nowadays have

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Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Harfee

This post is a continuation from the previous: Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Kalimee If you’ve made it to this point… then know that you’re just 6 counts

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Al-Madd Al-Laazim: Kalimee

Do you enjoy really long walks? By the seaside or greenery? If you enjoy lengthy “anythings”, then you’ll definitely enjoy sounding this lengthy madd…  

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Al-Madd Al-Silah Kubra & Sughra Thumbnail

Al-Madd Al-Silah: Kubra & Sughra

The time it takes to repair and re-connect depends on how frequent you undergo a check up. Remember to revisit your heart’s checklist [emotion, faith, intentions,

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