Learning the holy Quranic text represents one of the great duties, as well as one of the great challenges, for any Muslim. Some may start in a madrasa at an early age and devote years of their life to Quranic study, while others may be the only Muslim living in their community.

Whether you wish to gain a richer understanding of Islam as an adult adherent or hope to put your children on a path of scholarship and faith, using the Internet to learn the Quran gives you a major advantage over a traditional classroom.

Small Classes

Every bit of research into a student-teacher relationship shows that the student benefits most when there are less students taking the teacher’s attention. The tutoring available from IQRA helps achieve the dynamic of a personalized relationship between pupil and instructor. IQRA instructors can give individual attention to their students without needing to keep a larger class moving.

Online Quran classes for kids at IQRA are small enough that any student can get help with his or her struggles — including one-on-one help. Even so, classes need not be so small that a student feels overwhelmed from the pressure.

Flex Scheduling

Online Quran classes for adults can be helpful considering the demands of work and family on a person’s schedule. A traditional classroom typically requires set schedules, some (or even all) of which may be incompatible with a normal week of work and school. IQRA helps to bridge this gap by offering flexible courses, including nights and weekends, so that Muslims can reap all the benefits of learning the Quran without worrying about being late, missing class or rescheduling their activities.

Online Quran learning for kids is far easier when children can go at their own pace. Nobody gets left behind simply because the class needs to quickly move to the next subject.

Seasoned Instructors

Anyone who has ever set foot in a classroom (or clicked into one) knows that the class will only be as good as the instructor. While a community classroom might have teachers with only the slightest bit of experience, IQRA has made certain that our instructors are world-class. As graduates of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, they possess the credentials of having earned a degree from the most-respected institution of learning in the Islamic world.

IQRA’s instructors can help both children and adults contextualize lessons, putting Quranic verse written centuries ago into the framework of modern life, faith and events. What’s more, our instructors are familiar with many of the typical problems adults and children experience when learning the Quran online and have a track record of overcoming those obstacles.

Pathways to More Learning

No Muslim will spend just one period in his or her life learning about his or her faith. Islam is a commitment in this life and the next. Once a person has committed to learning the Quran online, his or her prospects open to a much wider and richer profile for education.

Students who study the Quran can progress to learning advanced Arabic grammar and speech, history of the Islamic faith, and memorization of the Quran. Those who wish to be better Muslims can use the online Quran course as a way to venture into subjects that are more complex and rewarding.

A free evaluation can help you discern what steps to take and how IQRA can help you. Schedule yours today.