Al-Haajir, the abandoner, as described by the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), is one who recites the Quran and does not practice what one recites. Developed in the notion of knowing the main concepts of Surat Yaseen, our Yasseen Program emphasizes the encompassing of lessons within the sura into students’ daily lives.Our Yaseen Program will place learners on a path of reciting and memorizing Surat Yaseen through a hybrid learning process. Our hybrid process will offer students access to our Yaseen electronic platform outside of class hours. Through our platform, students will be able to practice and maintain what they have learned in class, from the meaning of verses to encompassing the purpose into their daily lives.

-To build a Muslim who can actively read and incorporate the meanings of the Quran.

-To build a Muslim with a firm understanding of the Quran and a comprehensive insight on the use of the ayat in their life.

-Increase the number of students who have Surat Yaseen memorized by heart.

-Increase the number of students who can read with appropriate Tafsir.

– Reading and Memorizing Surat Yaseen.

– Correcting Student’s Mistakes Made While Reciting Surat Yaseen.

– Learn How to Read Surat Yaseen With Appropriate Tafsir.

– Learn The Importance And Understandings of Practicing The Meanings and Lessons Within the Quran In Our Lives.

Age (13 and up) (under 13)
Code GQM36 GQM36(101)
Total Lessons 14 21
Per Week 2 3
Duration (m) 90 90
Weeks 7 7
Cost ($) 120 175
Number of Students 6-7 6-7


We start weekly once the required minimum number of students has been reached for a class within this program.