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Noon And Meem Mushaddadah

December 10, 2010
قَالَ سَنَشُدُّ عَضُدَكَ بِأَخِيكَ Qaala sanashuddu ‘adudaka bi akheeka Allah said: “We will strengthen your arm through your brother..” In the Arabic language, there are
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Al-Ith-Haar Al-Mutlaq

December 7, 2010
At noon, you look up and see the skies are clear, you notice the mirror shines, free of marks, the glass on the bench twinkles
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Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule Four

December 7, 2010
Merging things together can be heaps of fun. I tend to enjoy combining colours together to create new, fascinating ones. The fourth rule for Al-Noon
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Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule Three

December 5, 2010
Allahuma ya muqaliba al-quloob thabit qalbi ‘ala deenika اللهم يا مُقلِّبَ القُلوب … ثبتْ قَلبي على دينكَ Rule Three: Iqlaab — Tahweel Al-shay’ ‘an wajh
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Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule Two

December 4, 2010
The following is rule two of four for the Noon Al-Saakinah/Tanween. We all know the children’s game, hide and seek. Here, the Noon Al-Saakinah must
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December 3, 2010
Here I have uploaded tajweed resources that friends and teachers have provided. Some have been typed up by me. I will continue to update this page the

learn quran

Young student studying Quran at the Kaaba

Quran Memorization: Unlocking Multiple Benefits in a Digital Age

September 6, 2023
Discover the benefits of Quran memorization in the digital era. Enhance memory, build discipline, and connect with a community. Learn how to memorize Quran online
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Muslim woman and teenage daughter in hijabs, smiling against a backdrop of night transitioning to dawn.

How “Finding an Online Quran Teacher Near Me” Can Transform Your Teenager’s Life

September 4, 2023
Discover the transformative power of online Quran teachings with IQRA. Witness a teen's journey from uncertainty to enlightenment, as tradition melds seamlessly with technology, guiding
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speak arabic

Muslim child with professionals in the background, saying 'Asalam Alikum'

The Best Way to Learn Arabic: Unlock Your Child’s Global Future

September 3, 2023
Understanding Arabic isn't just about language—it's a gateway to global opportunities in business, diplomacy, and academia. Dive into the significance of Arabic and discover with
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A child using a tablet with Arabic letters and Quranic verses graphics displayed.

Online Quran Teaching: Modern Methods for Kids

September 2, 2023
Dive into the revolution of online Quran teaching as today's tech-savvy kids engage with interactive tools. Witness the blend of ancient teachings and modern technology,
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islamic beliefs

Believer in deep sujood, exploring the significance of duas and the different types of Sajdah.

Understanding Sujood: From Duas Between Sujood to the Different Types of Sajdah

October 2, 2023
Delving into the heart of Sujood, this guide unravels the intimate duas whispered between prostrations and the rich tapestry of Sajdah types. Explore the nuances
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Silhouette of Prophet Muhammad as a beacon of light amidst the vast desert, symbolizing the finality and guiding presence of the last of the prophets.

Unraveling the “Seal of the Prophets”: The Final Messenger’s Legacy

September 27, 2023
Delve into the deep-rooted significance of the 'Seal of the Prophets' in Islamic theology. Discover why Prophet Muhammad stands as the concluding figure in the
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