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Al-Ith-Haar Al-Mutlaq

December 7, 2010
At noon, you look up and see the skies are clear, you notice the mirror shines, free of marks, the glass on the bench twinkles
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Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule Four

December 7, 2010
Merging things together can be heaps of fun. I tend to enjoy combining colours together to create new, fascinating ones. The fourth rule for Al-Noon
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Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule Three

December 5, 2010
Allahuma ya muqaliba al-quloob thabit qalbi ‘ala deenika اللهم يا مُقلِّبَ القُلوب … ثبتْ قَلبي على دينكَ Rule Three: Iqlaab — Tahweel Al-shay’ ‘an wajh
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Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule Two

December 4, 2010
The following is rule two of four for the Noon Al-Saakinah/Tanween. We all know the children’s game, hide and seek. Here, the Noon Al-Saakinah must
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December 3, 2010
Here I have uploaded tajweed resources that friends and teachers have provided. Some have been typed up by me. I will continue to update this page the
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Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule One

December 3, 2010
As per people, letters are different. You find some people are quiet, other are loud. But regardless of this, there are places when even the

learn quran

Excited young Muslim Arab child sitting at his desk, opening his laptop to learn the Quran online in a comfortable setting.

Learn Quran Online: The Modern Path to Traditional Knowledge

November 16, 2023
Embrace the harmony of traditional Quranic teachings through the conveniences of modern technology. Dive into the seamless blend of age-old wisdom and today's digital advancements
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A young child stands amidst the rubble, holding the Holy Quran in their hands. The Palestinian flag flies proudly in the background, while tears glisten in their eyes.

Nurturing Children’s Faith: Lessons from Inspiring Palestinian Children

October 24, 2023
In the heart-wrenching landscape of the Palestinian territories, where the scars of conflict and adversity are etched into the very soil, a remarkable symbol of
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speak arabic


Learn Arabic Alphabet: A Step-by-Step Online Guide to Mastering Arabic Letters with IQRA Network

October 4, 2023
Embark on a transformative journey with Iqra Network as you discover the intricacies of the Arabic alphabet. From the foundational 'Alif' to the closing 'Yaa',
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Muslim child with professionals in the background, saying 'Asalam Alikum'

The Best Way to Learn Arabic: Unlock Your Child’s Global Future

September 3, 2023
Understanding Arabic isn't just about language—it's a gateway to global opportunities in business, diplomacy, and academia. Dive into the significance of Arabic and discover with
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islamic beliefs

someone is on a high level and wears luxury clothes and down there are poor people who raise their hands to ask the wealthy man to give them anything, the rich man has A malicious smile.

What is Hypocrisy in Islam? Understanding the Vital Concept

November 30, 2023
Hypocrisy, or 'nifaq,' holds significant weight in Islamic teachings. Unravel its profound meaning, types, and the importance of aligning inner beliefs with external actions in
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Muslim man in prayer attire engrossed in Fajr prayer during dawn, with hands raised in the beginning Takbeer position

How to Pray Fajr for Beginners: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

November 28, 2023
Captured in the profound tranquility of dawn, a devout Muslim finds solace in the Fajr prayer. With hands raised in reverence, this moment epitomizes the
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