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Introductory Level Short Surahs

An interactive memorization curriculum that consists of 38 lessons that enrich both listening and reading skills. Students memorize from the beginning of Surat Al-Baladthrough the end of Surat Al-Nas. Students develop a portfolio of Quranic vocabulary and understand words and verses meanings while developing a basic understanding of Tajweed rules.

Arabic Language Advanced Level

By the end of this level, the student will acquire a linguistic score that qualifies him to understand long texts, so this curriculum presents cultural topics that will revise the old vocabulary and add new vocabulary and expressions to it. Questions will be given for understanding and comprehension. Tainting in making conversation and writing that […]

Arabic Language Intermediate Level

This curriculum is based on students’ linguistic output development. Through its various lessons, the student will study vocabulary, through illustrations, enrichment dialogues, applying the vocabulary in scientific and cultural contexts, and then teaching grammatical rules that enable the student to speak and write properly.

Arabic Language Beginner Level

An interactive curriculum where a student learns new vocabulary through various techniques to him make sentences and to develop his speaking reading, and writing skills. The student will be provided with a lot of written and spoken exercises that effectively measure his skills.

Arabic Language Introductory Level

This curriculum is based on fun learning, its most important element is helping a child to learn letters with short movements (fatha – damma – kasra) and sukoon, he can read simple words through 80 new vocabularies with expressive pictures, video clips, and interactive activities.

Islamic Aqeedah Advanced Level

This curriculum consists of 120 lessons from Tahaawiyah Creed (Aqeedah), it covers issues of prophecy, messages, angels, the Day of Resurrection, and understandings gone astray in faith conceptions.

Islamic Aqeedah Intermediate Level

It covers a series of beliefs in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah by Dr. Omar Suleiman Al-Ashqar, it consists of several books: The Belief in Allah, the World of the Righteous Angels, Messengers and Messages, the Minor Resurrection, the Great Resurrection, the Last Day, and Judgment and Predestination. And it includes translated lectures in […]

Islamic Aqeedah Beginner Level

It is an interactive curriculum prepared by the Iqra network in both Arabic and English. It includes activities and exercises on topics related to Allah Almighty, His Names, His Attributes. It handles the origins of faith in Allah, Messengers, and the heavenly books.

Level 3 Advanced Islamic Jurisprudence

This curriculum handless lessons are based on the curricula of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, presenting through teachers’ explanations, mental maps, and tables that facilitate understanding rulings of inheritance, marriage, and divorce.

Level 2 Intermediate Islamic Jurisprudence

This curriculum includes worship jurisprudence, lessons taken from approved curricula in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif; where the student can study in an organized academic manner that qualifies him to search in jurisprudence books and trace the approved division jurisprudence chapters.