Three Ways to Increase Rizq

“Nearly 40% of US households have faced serious financial problems, including struggling to afford medical care and food.” Source: The Guardian  Can you relate? What does Rizq Mean? Many of us understand the word “rizq” in Islam as the money we make. But it has a broader meaning. Our riqz, or sustenance, includes anything that we […]

Is Arabic Hard to Learn?

“Of those who didn’t learn a second language, 70% of Americans regret letting their foreign language skills slip.” Source: Gitnux “I want to learn Arabic, but I’m not sure I have enough time. Is Arabic hard to learn?” We hear this a lot and wanted to offer some insight. So, how much time does it take to […]

How To Do Hajj

Hajj Rites Broken Down in Easy Steps Do you need help with what pilgrims do during Hajj? Are you afraid to go for Hajj because you aren’t sure what to do?  While there is always a lot to learn, performing Hajj is easier thank you think. Keep reading as we will give you an overview […]

A Glossary of Hajj Explained

An Easy-to-Understand Breakdown of Hajj Terms Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of performing Hajj? Have you read some online resources or books and found it difficult to understand? We can relate! There are many resources online to help a person learn the ins and outs of Hajj. But weaved within these resources are […]

What is Hajj?

Understanding the Significance of Hajj If you were asked, “What is Hajj?” what would your answer be? Is it a pillar of Islam? Is it just a thing Muslims do every year in Makkah? Or is it more than that?  While Hajj is fundamental in Islam and one of Islam’s five pillars, it is often overlooked. It […]

The Benefits of Forgiving in Islam

Learn to Find Peace & Submission Through Forgiving Others “I don’t want to forgive them! I just want to punish them with my anger!”  These are the words of a hurt believer, recalling their relationship with someone that hurt them deeply.   When framing her sentiment through the lens of forgiving in Islam, you’d have to […]

Summer Quran Classes for Kids

Importance of Keeping Quran Classes for Kids in Summer “Accumulating evidence has observed that having a higher sense of purpose is associated with better biological functioning and lower risk of chronic disease and mortality.” Source: NCBI As parents, we want our children to grow up purposefully and confidently. But we are busy. And our kids are busy. […]

Can Muslims Be Gay?

Making Sense of LGBTQ+ in Islam Let’s face it, Muslim kids ask, “Can Muslims be gay?” It is confusing and many parents fumble for an answer!  On the one hand, we know what judging feels like and what it means to support political parties that accept Muslims. However, that acceptance has no limitations. Muslims wonder […]

Dua for Strong Iman

The Ramadan Blues – 5 Steps to Keep the Momentum Going! “Wow! Ramadan just ended, and I already feel like my Iman is dipping! I need a dua for strong Iman!” If you’re anything like me, you’ve realized the blessings and peace of Ramadan are no longer on our side. The Shayateen are back in […]

A Quick Guide on What to Do on Eid

A Look at How to Celebrate Eid According to the Sunnah  Ready to be showered with the gifts of Allah on Eid?     Who would think such a thing is possible? But it is. Of course, you wouldn’t want to go to your reward ceremony unprepared! You want to show up looking your finest, smelling […]