Amal M. - IQRA Network


My name is Amal. I am 28 years old, and have 2 children . I was raised in a faithful Muslim family for most of my childhood, and I was inspired by mom who graduated from Al-Azhar University, and worked as a teacher of Arabic language and the Holy Quran in Riyadh. I have volunteered for one year at a UK-based school, where my two children were schooling. This has improved my English skills, and enabled me to form new friendships with English speaking friends, and that also led to a better understanding of the Western culture.

When I went back to Egypt, I worked a Kindergarten teacher to teach languages and the Holy Quran for one year. After that, I decided to start teaching students from my home. Mothers used to bring their children along to my house to teach them Arabic and the Holy Quran.

From my own perspective, a successful teacher is a person who is always flexible and always varies the teaching methods based on the students’ age and culture. I dream of gaining more experience in this field and working in it forever. May Allah support you and pave the way of good deeds for you all!