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Hossam K.

Hossam K.

Bachelor's Degree in Arabic Language - Al-Azhar University
Cairo, Egypt


My interest in the Holy Quran and its language has been increasing since my childhood. Although I had a very good grade at AlAzhar Secondary School as a science major, I preferred to join the Arabic Language Department and since then there has been a strong connection between me and Arabic.

When I saw a considerable number of foreigners learning Arabic and the Holy Quran, and their respect and interest in the language, I decided to dedicate my life to teaching Arabic in a customized way.

Over the course of eight years, I have expanded my teaching strategies from word choice to exploring different communication methods with students who have varying degrees of language proficiency to gain students’ trust and love and to relate that to teaching Arabic and the Holy Quran. I see myself and my students as partners in learning the book of Allah, and I benefited from their experiences, knowledge and culture and they benefited from me in learning Arabic and the Quran.

When I had troubles teaching face to face due to time constraints, high cost, and political fluctuations, I decided to teach online to keep delivering the message to those interested in learning Arabic and the Holy Quran. This new teaching method has assisted me in conveying the message of teaching. (May Allah brighten the face of a man that hears from us something (hadeeth) and then conveys what he heard exactly the way he heard it).