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Mohamed A.

Mohamed A.

Bachelor's Degree in Islamic studies and Arabic language - Al-Azhar University
Cairo, Egypt


I am Mohammed. I have a bachelor degree in Islamic studies and Arabic language from Alazhar University. I have been working  as a teacher at Ministry of Religious Affairs for more than 14 years. My interest in teaching the Holy Quran and Arabic language has motivated me to teach them online using modern communication methods.

Thanks to Allah, I teach students from different countries around the globe, and they benefited from my teaching experience in Islamic studies and Arabic language. They have mastered the rules of Tajweed, pronunciation and speaking in standard Arabic, which is a key to all Islamic studies.

I use simple teaching methods, and I explain my lessons in a simple way to make the learning process simple and fun. Besides teaching the Islamic studies, I always keep up to date with new teaching methods to employ them in teaching the Holy Quran and Arabic language. When I was young, I asked Allah to help me succeed in this field. I do believe that Allah has accepted my duaa and enabled me to serve His religion and deliver the teachings of Islam to all people around the world.