The Prophet Muhammad lived so long ago that it can be difficult to understand just how much the Arabic language has changed since his life and passing. Indeed, he lived when English was barely a language at the time. It would be totally unrecognizable to people who speak English today.

Yet the Arabic language of the Quran has persevered through the centuries due to the diligence of the Muslim community and the importance of Tajweed. The principle of Tajweed remains a vital part of Islamic life today and a duty for any Muslim who studies the Quran.

Spiritual Fulfillment

One of the key benefits of learning the Quran with Tajweed is stated in a hadith of the Prophet. Those who can recite the Quran meticulously and precisely will be among the company of Allah’s angels. Muslims should take this advice both literally and figuratively: The rewards of Tajweed are for eternity, not in the here and now. Even so, a Tajweed speaker can be considered a well-respected member of the Muslim community.

Students who learn Tajweed online and struggle should not consider themselves a failure, for the words of the Prophet state that even those

The companion Uthmaan famously said that the best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others. Individuals who learn Tajweed classes online today have the opportunity to be leaders and instructors in the future.

Beauty of the Text

The Quran is not only a collection of revelations about the nature of God, man and life, but also a beautiful work of poetry and language. It’s argued that no other holy book demonstrates a fluidity of language and depth of word choice like the Quran. Those who learn the Quran online with Tajweed have a richer understanding of the text’s poetry. After all, Tajweed simply means “beautification” or “adornment.”

A Muslim who reads the Quran without ever speaking it will never learn how the timing, couplets and rhythm of the text flow. Tajweed delves deeply into issues of pronunciation and expression, so much so that a single letter can change the meaning of an entire word.

A Richer Understanding

An online Tajweed course can go deeper into the Quranic verse than a memorization or reading course. This means that a Muslim interested in many principles of the Quran — its history, interpretation and application — must understand Tajweed. We know that the Quran was given to mankind by Allah not to be simply read, but upon which to be reflected and meditated.

Each Muslim must come to an individual conclusion about the Quran’s lessons and how they may apply in his or her life. Without a proper understanding of Tajweed, a Muslim’s knowledge of the Quran is shallow.

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