Best Islamic Stories for Children in the Quran

Muslims young and old look to the Quran for spiritual guidance and practical commentary on how to live life. The lessons and instructions from Allah found within its pages can enrich your faith as you navigate every day of your life, through the easy times and the hard times. If the Quran has given you refuge and wisdom during the storms of life, then you know how important it is to be familiar with its stories.

Now think of the child or children you are raising. Consider the young person in your life whose Muslim journey you care about. Are they familiar with Islamic stories? Have they heard the lessons in the Quran that can help guide them as they grow up? By reading the stories of the prophets, young people can discover the lessons for children in the Quran that can help them grow in their faith and live better lives every day.

Understanding the Need for Stories in the Quran for Children

Quran stories can be complicated, even for adults. Many Muslims devote their entire lives to understanding the teachable lessons in the Quran. These lessons are crucial to living a proper Muslim life, as they are the foundation of the Islamic faith. But the complexity of understanding the Quran can make approaching these lessons difficult. This is especially true for someone in the beginning stages of their faith journey. Often, the people at the beginning of their Muslim faith are kids.

Kids look to the trusted adults in their lives for guidance and instruction. While they may know that the Quran is the word of Allah given to the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him), they may lack an understanding of the stories within the text. And if a child does know about some of the Quran stories, they may be unsure how those stories apply to their life today.

Making the connection between the words of the Quran and a child’s own life is why Quran stories for kids are so important. When children can hear a story from the Quran, understand the lesson it is showing and apply that lesson to their own life, they can experience spiritual growth and fulfillment. But they need to hear the right stories for Muslim kids to make those connections.

The Quran can be a challenging text, even for more mature Muslims. But it still contains stories that even a child can enjoy and understand. You can even tell some of them to your child as bedtime Quran stories. Discover the stories for kids in the Quran, and you can start your child down the right path toward growth in their Muslim faith.

10 of the Best-Loved Quran Stories for Kids

The Quran contains amazing stories that took place over thousands of years. It is the word that Allah spoke to the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), making it essential for every Muslim to read and meditate upon. Some stories and accounts written in the Quran are more famous than others. Your young ones will love listening to the following stories in the Quran for kids, which are some of the most well-known and loved of all.

1. The Story of Adam (peace be upon him)

The Story of Adam (peace be upon him)

The Prophet Adam (PBUH) was the first human God created to live on this Earth. He and his wife, Eve, lived in a beautiful garden where Allah taught him the names of things, the alphabet, scrolls, how to plant and even how to bake bread. Muslims believe that Adam (PBUH) was the first prophet of Islam, teaching submission to Allah to those who would come after him.

The sad part of the story is that Satan tempted Adam (PBUH) and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Since they disobeyed, they had to leave the garden and live more difficult lives. But your child can find hope and inspiration in this story knowing that Adam (PBUH) stayed true to Allah for the rest of his life, which was almost 1,000 years long. He sought Allah’s will in all things and raised the next generations to continue their submission to Allah.

2. The Story of Nuh (peace be upon him)

The story of the Prophet Nuh (PBUH) is one of justice and salvation. The world had become so depraved and sinful that Allah was ready to destroy everyone with a flood. But first, Allah gave humankind a chance to repent by commissioning Nuh (PBUH) to preach repentance to the people of the Earth. Although Nuh (PBUH) fervently preached the ways of Allah, the people ignored him and continued worshipping their false idols.

This led Allah to send the Great Deluge. He commanded Nuh (PBUH) to build the Ark, which would keep him, his family and two of every animal safe when Allah sent the flood. The people mocked Nuh (PBUH) as he built the Ark, but he continued submitting to Allah rather than caring what the people thought of him.

This story can remind your children that Allah deals with both judgment and mercy. Even during the darkest days, your child can still hold true to their faith. Sometimes it may seem like the world is going in the opposite direction, but Muslims must submit to Allah down the path that leads to true blessings.

3. The Story of Ibrahim (peace be upon him)

The story of Ibrahim (PBUH) is one of the most detailed accounts of a prophet in the entire Quran. Ibrahim (PBUH) was instrumental in ridding the land of idols during his day. He lived a life in full submission to Allah, passing every test of faith Allah gave him. The Quran even says that the only true religion is the path of Ibrahim (PBUH).

Your child will love listening to the many stories about Ibrahim’s (PBUH) life. Like telling them how he invited his father and the people around him to the faith. You can mention how Ibrahim (PBUH) righteously destroyed false idols. You can talk about his nomadic travels or how he survived being burned alive by showing his unwavering faith in Allah. There’s plenty to choose from, which can make the full story of Ibrahim (PBUH) one of your child’s favorites for years to come.

4. The Story of Yūsuf (peace be upon him)

The Prophet Yūsuf (PBUH) was one of the sons of Ya’qub and is a patriarch of the Islamic faith. Yūsuf (PBUH) had prophetic dreams from a young age and could interpret other people’s dreams. These were some of the first signs of his prophethood that would continue and grow throughout his life.

The most well-known part of Yūsuf’s (PBUH) story is his rise to fame in Egypt after his brothers, jealous of his status as Ya’qub’s favorite son, sold him into slavery. While in Egypt, Yūsuf (PBUH) interpreted dreams and discovered a famine was coming. Through the wisdom Allah gave him, Yūsuf (PBUH) devised a plan to help Egypt make it through the famine, and he was reunited with his family after many years.

This story can help young people understand that Allah has a plan for His followers, even if parts of that plan are difficult to experience.

5. The Story of Musa (peace be upon him)

The Prophet Musa (PBUH) is one of the most-mentioned names in the Quran. His life resulted in some of the most important developments for the Muslim faith. His story is one that children and adults alike can hold close to their hearts and enjoy hearing again and again.

The life of Musa (PBUH) could be a continuing bedtime story for your child for many nights in a row. You can start with his discovery as an infant in a basket floating down the Nile river and how he grew up in Pharaoh’s household. You can recount how he left Egypt and returned to showcase many miracles and prophecy about Allah. Of course, you must remember to tell the story of how he parted the Red Sea using a special staff Allah gave him.

Perhaps most importantly, you can share with your child that Musa (PBUH) personally talked to Allah and received revelations that have formed much of the foundation of the Islamic faith.

6. The Story of Yunus (peace be upon him)

Yunus (PBUH) was a faithful prophet of Allah who faithfully prophecies and taught His will. Although his mentions in the Quran are brief, his story has inspired Muslim children and adults for hundreds of years.

The Prophet Yunus (PBUH) went through a period where he stopped preaching the teachings of Allah and tried to run away on a ship. A whale swallowed him, and it was within the belly of that whale that Yunus (PBUH) repented of his rebellion. Allah had mercy on him and caused the whale to spit him back out onto the shore. From there, Yunus (PBUH) resumed his faithful teachings, leading to many coming to repentance.

7. The Story of Ayūb (peace be upon him)

The Quran mentions Ayūb (PBUH) as a righteous man who served Allah all his life. Ayūb (PBUH) experienced a long period of extreme suffering, but he remained faithful to Allah through it all. He continually prayed to Allah, asking that He would remove his afflictions. Even when his afflictions continued, Ayūb (PBUH) kept his faith strong.

After several years, Allah removed Ayūb’s (PBUH) suffering and blessed him beyond measure for his faithfulness. This story can inspire and encourage your child that even when difficult times in life come, they must stay faithful to Allah to experience His blessings on the other side of the trials.

8. The Story of Isa (peace be upon him)

Muslims venerate Isa (PBUH) as one of the most important prophets and the prophet who came directly before Mohamed (PBUH) chronologically. His teachings and prophecies are among the most critical to Muslims around the world today. Therefore, your children should know his story and his various teachings.

Isa (PBUH) was born of the Virgin Maryam and performed many amazing miracles throughout his life. He shared his teachings with a group of disciples and encouraged all who would listen to follow the “straight path.” Many Muslims even point to his prophesying of the coming of Mohamed (PBUH), referring to him as Ahmad. Muslims now look forward to Isa’s return when he will kill the False Messiah and bring about an era of peace and justice.

9. The Story of Lady Maryam

Allah chose Lady Maryam to give birth to Isa (PBUH) as a virgin. The Quran further displays her importance, as she is the only woman in the Quran referred to by name — and referred to many times, at that. She lived a chaste life, staying faithful to Allah throughout her days.

Your children will enjoy hearing the story of when the angel Jibrīl came to Maryam to tell her that Allah had chosen her to bear and give birth to Isa (PBUH). You can also tell them the story of when Maryam experienced labor pains, and Allah told her to shake a palm tree to cause ripe dates to fall to the ground.

Maryam is an inspiration to both men and women in the Islamic faith. Her steadfastness and obedience to Allah are traits people young and old should desire to imitate.

10. The Story of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)

The Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) is the last of the prophets of Islam. The Quran gives some details about him, including the mission given to him by Allah, his great morality and the theological issues pertaining to him. He is the one who penned the words that came directly from Allah’s mouth to form the Quran.

You and your child can enjoy reading the Quran and Hadith together, learning more about Mohamed (PBUH), his life and his teachings. Mohamed’s (PBUH) story is crucial to the Islamic faith and has shaped the religion into what it is today. As your child learns more about the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), they will come to a fuller understanding of all the stories in the Quran and how they can apply their teachings to their own life.

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