The Holy Quranic verse passed down from Allah to Prophet Muhammad is the core of the Islamic faith and the foundation upon which Muslims can build their life, family, goals and relationships. Those who successfully memorize it become hafiz — learned Muslims with the highest respect of their community.

Yet learning about the Quran represents a serious and major challenge to any Muslim due to the text’s complexity, length, poetic verse and nuance. Muslims who wish to further their faith have a major advantage with online Quran teaching that helps them understand the words, meaning and depth of the holy book. What are the advantages of Internet learning when it comes to Quranic studies?

Personalized Coursework

A university-level class on the Quran or Islamic studies may have a single professor speaking to a group of 30 or 40 students, with perhaps just one opportunity to meet with the professor each week.

By contrast, the online Quran tutor services provided by IQRA make it much more personable and practical to learn the Quran. IQRA instructors can provide one-on-one tutoring — not just for the Quranic verse but also for Arabic-language concerns, questions about theology or Islamic history, and context within the modern world. What’s more, personalized coursework means flexible scheduling, allowing you to determine when you wish to commit your heart and mind to this challenge.

Learn in Arabic or English

The revelations given by Allah to Prophet Muhammad came in his native Arabic, yet this language is complex for those who do not live in Arabic-speaking societies. Being able to learn the Quran in Arabic or English (or, depending on your preferences, both) can be a major advantage to a learner who may struggle in one or the other tongues.

Our IQRA tutors are fully bilingual, able to help students master the Arabic-language text of the Quran without requiring them to have mastery of Arabic. Once you’re more comfortable, you may prefer to move from one language of instruction to the other. However, IQRA makes it possible to choose whichever you prefer throughout the journey.

Further Learning

Some Muslims may be pleased simply to read the Quran, understand the meaning behind the words, and apply its lessons to their everyday life. Yet learning can be a lifelong endeavor. Muslims owe it to themselves to not just read the Quran’s words, but to master them. This is where online Quran teaching with IQRA has the greatest advantage.

Our coursework can help students advance their intellectual interests, starting with Quranic study and proceeding to Arabic language lessons, hadith and the lessons of the Prophet, or the centuries of history of Islamic societies. Once you’ve begun learning at IQRA, there’s no limit to your journey.

If you believe that a deeper understanding of the Quran would enrich your life, contact IQRA today for a free evaluation and start planning this great task of faith.