Quran Memorization

Learn and memorize the Quran accurately with scholars from Al-Azhar University, considered one of the most prestigious universities of the Islamic world. Learn the meaning of the verses and the reasons behind revealing them. Build your understanding of Allah’s recitations so that you can apply them to your everyday life and exemplify the principles of being a good Muslim.


About This Course

In the Muslim community, the Hafiz who have taken the time and effort to memorize the Quran are some of the most respected leaders and intellectuals. Those who have completed this great task are called upon for their advice, interpretations and guidance.


Memorizing the Quran entails a physical, mental and spiritual journey that will build a better relationship between an individual and Allah, as well as between an individual and his or her community. There is no age or education level necessary for a Quran memorization program. Rather, it should be undertaken by those who want to deepen their faith and reap the benefits in this world and the next.


Our online Quran memorization course focuses on completing the memorization of the Book of Allah in the shortest time with high accuracy and precision with instructors who carry one or more Ijazaah. Our instructors’ expertise makes Quran memorization for kids and adults alike easier than attempting this great endeavor alone, or with unqualified tutors. Each instructor holds a degree in Islamic history and religious studies, so he or she can not only provide a richer understanding through Quran memorization online, but also help to apply its principles to everyday life.


The program is divided into three levels — A, B and C — with two stages for each. For beginners, the program focuses on memorization through listening. As students advance, emphasis is shifted to memorization through reading the Quran. Ultimately, students memorize the Quran in accordance to the reported narrations from Prophet Muhammad.


Remember that the founders of Islam, the prophet and his followers, memorized and recited the Quran verbally, passing it down through the generations. It was not until Uthmaan, the third caliph, that each holy word of the Quran was recorded in writing. We encourage all students to carefully consider this example, as the history of Quranic memorization can act as an inspiration for those facing this major task.


Recitation and Tajweed Structure


What you’ll learn

Learning goals:

  • Accurate memorization of the Book of Allah
  • Learning the general meaning of the verses
  • Learning the reasons for revealing the verses



Memorizing the Holy Quran requires that learners adopt a sincere and industrious attitude. Online Quran memorization classes can make it easier and more efficient to memorize each surah, but this endeavor still requires focus, discipline and an earnest willingness to put in the necessary work. We recommend that each student thinking about how to memorize Quran verse commit to a long-term schedule, as it can take months or even years for a complete and thorough memorization.


Furthermore, the shortcomings of human memory mean that a great deal of review and reinforcement will be necessary. While these are challenges, we can help with many solutions. IQRA has the tools needed for students to succeed. We offer experienced instructors who understand how best to progress. IQRA instructors have the educational background to apply Quranic lessons and principles, giving a valuable context that aids memorization and lets any Muslim see the value of his or her studies.


If you believe you are ready to take the most challenging, but rewarding, course of your life, contact IQRA for information on Quran memorization for adults and children. Enroll now.


Who Teaches

Ayah N.
Ayah N.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies
Haytham E.
Haytham E.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies - Al-Azhar University

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