How To Prepare For Ramadan

How To Prepare For Ramadan

The approach of Ramadan causes many Muslims to pay closer attention to their faith. Here are some Ramadan preparation tips to help you get ready for this holy month ahead of time, and to deepen your commitment to, and demonstration of, your faith.

  • Prepare for the physical challenge. In anticipation of Ramadan, it’s smart to ease into this month by lowering the amount of the food you consume. This is a good time to eliminate snacks and begin eating smaller meals.
  • Address any medical challenges now. Getting ready for Ramadan means addressing any medical concerns immediately. If you have a condition that may interfere with your ability to fast, talk to a doctor about it.
  • If you take medicine regularly, ask if it can be taken during non-fasting hours, or if injected medication is a possibility, as an injection is not considered a breaking of your fast.
  • Create an intention. Even more important when getting ready for Ramadan is preparing your heart and mind for the holy month. Set an objective for yourself, namely that this month will be one of sincere spiritual effort. To help you do so, it’s smart to create goals, such as reading a section of the Quran every day.
  • Increase your reading and reciting of the Quran. Reading the holy book regularly now will help you read and memorize longer passages of it during Ramadan. Consider a Quran memorization course. If you are unable to complete the entire Quran, focus on reading passages of it every day. Consistency is more important than being able to read the complete book.
  • Make more prayers. If you have missed obligatory prayers, use this time to compensate for them. This is a good time to increase voluntary prayers. It will prepare the heart and mind for the additional prayers performed during Ramadan, like the night prayer.
  • Perform acts of charity. Contributing to charity helps purify yourself in preparation for Ramadan. There are many ways to do so, such as donating money to worthy causes or helping needy people directly. You may choose an Islamic-based organization or a broader one, but the intent is for you to act charitably to others who need it.
  • Prepare for an inner fast. When considering how to get ready for Ramadan, remember you are also instructed to fast from anything that may harm your heart or mind, such as losing your temper or watching questionable tv programs.

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