Going in With the Right Mindset & Removing Barriers

Many mothers are stretched for time and feel they can’t worship properly. Being a busy mom means limited time to read Quran in Arabic or their native language.


They wonder if their faith is weak because of it. Many moms feel guilty for spending time and money on their learning. While many Muslim women can read the basics of the Quran, they still think it is insufficient. They hesitate to teach their children because they don’t know it well enough themselves.


Sadly, moms put their needs aside, forgetting that learning the Quran is the key to making them better mothers.


A mother that knows how to read Quran in Arabic can teach it. A mother that knows how to read Quran properly can also find comfort in reciting it. Quran allows us to grow spiritually and calm our internal state from worry and stress.


Moms want to learn Quran, but many don’t know where to start. They cannot imagine how they’d be able to manage it. There’s a myth that learning Quran is a long, time-consuming process.


It’s not.


To read Quran in Arabic requires consistent effort, a bit of time every day with a teacher, and daily recitation to practice.


Mindset for Learning to Read Quran in Arabic


Learning to read Quran in Arabic is so much easier than it used to be!


With technology, you no longer need to leave the comfort of your home to get the knowledge you seek. IQRA is dedicated to teaching Quran and can vouch for the success of online Quran learning.


Here’s how it works, so you can visualize yourself learning Quran with realistic expectations.


IQRA Network will assign you a dedicated female teacher. Her role is not only to help you read but also to give you the confidence to continue. Older students tend to have a mental block, thinking Quran is tough to learn. Or that learning Quran with tajweed is not attainable for them.


Some older students, especially those born into Islam, feel guilty for not remembering what they learned as children. Some struggle with reading the Arabic letters and feel shame for not knowing them. Our teachers will support you through your journey without judgment. It takes courage to step out of fear and into your best self.


Your mindset will help you push aside any opposing thoughts or emotions. It’ll be the difference between staying consistent, showing up a few times, or quitting altogether. We teach Quran in a step-by-step process. Show up for class and trust that our teachers will take you through each step. There’s no age limit to learning Quran properly, just the desire to do it!


Removing Barriers


Mothers have their plates full! It seems impossible – having work, children’s schedules, cooking, housework, and errands.


Sisters complain, “The only time I have is at night!” – Great, you can schedule it at any time you like.


Then they say, “But I’ll be tired; I won’t learn.” That’s not true at all! You may be tired, but you’ll learn. Our program doesn’t overwhelm. We are deeply passionate about teaching Quran, and we want you to know the Word of Allah! If 15 minutes at night is the most you can give, do it! You have nothing to lose. Small steps get you further than taking no steps at all!


With online learning, you’ll remove the other barriers that stop most people from learning Quran:


No need to go out! Get your children busy with an activity, or put on an Islamic animated video for 15-20 minutes while you have your class. Having class in your own home takes away a lot of extra barriers. You don’t have to worry about getting ready, hiring a babysitter, scheduling to make sure your husband will be home, or trying to take the children with you somewhere.

1. Save Money

With gas prices going through the roof, people think twice about where they go. You don’t need to spend extra on gas (or a babysitter) with online learning. You don’t have to hire a specialized teacher to come just for you or for you to go to them. It’s not expensive, nor are there any additional expenses to consider.

2. Flexibility

Schedule your class at your time and your pace. There isn’t a rule of how long a course should be, nor do you have to show up to join a pre-scheduled class. We suggest you try your best to schedule 3 days a week to remain consistent. But it’s up to you how much time you can comfortably commit. Even try 15 minutes; you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn!


As an established online Quran learning platform, it’s heartbreaking to see mothers push aside their need and desire to learn to read Quran in Arabic. Even though they genuinely want to, they don’t because they see it as unattainable. We want you to know that there’s no such thing! Shaytan might try to convince you that learning Quran is too much work. Or it is too time-consuming. Or too expensive. It’s not!


Try a free lesson with us; you have nothing to lose. Ask as many questions as you need and experience first-hand how easy the process is. You’ll be surprised.


Moms deserve to read Quran in Arabic just as much as their children. It’s not selfish. Your example of learning the Quran is an example to your children. Every time you sit with your Quran, your children are watching you. Every time you make reading Quran a priority, your children will too!


Be your best, so your children will be their best too, InshaAllah.