The Prophet Muhammad preached that all peoples on Earth must follow the edicts of God, passed down through the series of revelations from heaven. We know of these revelations, including their verbatim language, because of the Holy Quran — one of the greatest texts ever produced in human history. For any Muslim in the world, living life without proper knowledge of the Quran is akin to a painter trying to create a landscape without being there to see it.

Introducing children to the precepts of the Quran, however, is far easier said than done. Children struggle to pay attention, especially to complex concepts like creation and holy law. Yet the earlier parents can introduce their child to the foundation of the Islamic faith, the sooner their child can not only understand these concepts, but become a member and leader of the Muslim community. How can parents best approach this challenge?

The Internet and the Quran

Any parents wondering how best to instruct their children in Quranic verse have a major advantage on their side — the Internet. Using the Internet for teaching the Quran for child audiences helps to overcome many obstacles, for both children and their parents.

Quran class

For starters, online Quran teaching for kids can take place on a personalized timetable, instead of needing to routinely come to a mosque or school. At IQRA, for example, we offer round-the-clock teaching schedules. Children can approach the Quran at their own pace, without strict deadlines or class schedules. This allows parents to accommodate any other activities, such as sports or music, so that their child need not sacrifice a favorite pastime in order to study the holy verse.

What’s more, many children growing up today are already used to learning online (sometimes exclusively), and online instruction gives them familiarity with the tools of their education.

Sharing What Children Learn

Any schoolteacher can tell you that one of the most common complaints of students, especially older students, is that they do not see how their lessons apply to the real world. Preventing this frustration is crucial in any discipline. Teaching the Quran to young children can be cultivated by encouraging them to share what they learn, not only at home with your family, but with the broader Muslim community. Extended relatives, friends and mosque members can all be brought in to help encourage and communicate with children while they learn the verses and surah.

Encourage kids to discuss one verse from any lesson with a grandparent, one with a friend and one with a teacher to maximize their engagement. When children see that the Quran is important to more people than just their parents, they’ll likely be willing to put in more work to impress other people they respect.

Study and Play

The trend of learning while playing is rapidly becoming popular among schoolchildren, with educational games that can teach everything from math to typing skills. The “gamification” of learning is also taking place in the environments of their parents as well, since major companies often turn to games or activities to train their workers.

When it comes to how to teach kids the Quran, consider these ideas: Take a word out of a verse and have them remember it; have them race their friends to look up a particular line; or have them illustrate a scene from the Quran using paper and markers.

At IQRA, we use effective methods to teach Quran lessons and help students remain focused and productive. Contact us for a free evaluation to learn how online Quran teaching can help enrich your children and yourself.