Memorization Curriculum

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Memorization Curriculum has 4 levels: The Introductory level: (سورة البلد) Surat Al-Balad will be memorized. The Beginner level: (جزء عمَّ) Juz’ Amma will be memorized. The Intermediate level: (جزء تبارك) Juz’ Tabarak will be memorized. The Advanced level: an integrated program for memorizing and reviewing the full Qur’an.  

Arabic Language Curriculum

Arabic Syllabus

The Arabic Language Curriculum (My Beautiful Language) has 4 levels: Level 1 Introductory: The student will learn: how to pronounce letters through listening and writing, and he will read words and sentences. Level 2 Beginner: The student will learn about the Arabic language through the 4 basic skills: Listening skills; he will distinguish between words […]

Tajweed Curriculum

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The recitation curriculum has four levels: Level 1 Focus on mastering the letters of the Arabic Alphabet, including their sounds and shapes. Students train on distinguishing subtle differences between similar letters and their different forms depending on the position in the word. In addition, students can read words and sentences in full, thereby allowing them to […]