Hadith Curriculum

Hadith Syllabus

The Hadith curriculum has 3 levels: Beginner: An interactive curriculum prepared by IQRA Network in Arabic and English, and it includes hadiths, activities, exercises on beliefs, worship, and ethics. Intermediate: A student studies the Forty Nawawi book with a full explanation of the hadiths and the lessons learned from the hadith. Advanced: A student studies […]

Islamic Aqeedah Curriculum

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The curriculum has 3 levels: Beginner level: It covers learners from the age of 5 years, an interactive curriculum, prepared by the Iqra network in Arabic and English, includes activities and exercises on God Almighty, His Names, His Attributes, and the effect of that on human behavior. Intermediate level: A student will study the Islamic […]

Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

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Fiqh has 4 levels: Level 1 Introductory: It is directed to the age of 6 years or beginners in learning jurisprudence, it includes general things in Islam, veneration of the Noble Qur’an, the Prophet’s biography, dealing with others, the jurisprudence of prayer, honoring one’s parents, and etiquettes for defecation. Level 2 Beginner: It focuses on […]

History Curriculum

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The History Curriculum has 3 levels: Beginner: It includes images and video clips, telling stories of the prophets, and it includes activities suitable for children. Intermediate: A student will study the life story of 27 companions and companions who had a clear impact on the establishment of Islamic civilization. Advanced: A student will study a […]


Seerah Syllabus

The curriculum has 3 levels: The Beginner: An interactive curriculum, includes children’s biography books, video clips about the Prophet’s biography selected by a scientific committee of the curriculum preparation team, and has lots of activities suitable for children. The Intermediate: A student studies the book Fiqh al-Sira by Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali through 9 chapters, each […]