Hadith Course

The Hadith course has four levels divided into three stages: Basics of Hadith: This is an interactive program developed by the IQRA Network. It includes selected hadiths accompanied by activities and exercises focusing on beliefs, worship, and ethics. This stage has two levels for beginners. Intermediate Stage: Here, students study “Al-Arba’in An-Nawawiyyah” (The Forty Hadiths […]

Aqeedah Course

The Aqeedah course and the Pillars of Islam are divided into four stages: Preliminary Level for Children: Suitable for children to establish their understanding of Allah and His Messenger, their love for them, knowledge of the Companions, the adoption of Islamic manners, leading up to the performance of prayer and mastering the pillars of Islam […]

Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

Fiqh Course Overview: The curriculum of Fiqh “Islamic jurisprudence” is divided into two levels: Beginner Level: A simplified and concise curriculum covering the rulings of purification, prayer, the call to prayer (Adhan), and rulings related to worship. Intermediate Level: A slightly expanded curriculum that comes after the beginner level, encompassing rulings of purification, prayer, zakat, […]

History Curriculum

Islamic History Curriculum Overview: Islamic History Curriculum is divided into four significant stages, aligning with the general themes of Islamic history: Exploration Stage in Quran Recitation: Start your spiritual journey with the fundamental Arabic letters of the Quran. Under expert guidance, students polish their pronunciation, elevate their listening and writing abilities, and decode words and […]


Seerah Curriculum Divided into Two Levels: Seerah Explorers Junior: Geared towards children, containing images and visual materials suitable for them. The content is very simple and concise, accompanied by review stations and tests. Seerah Scholars Advanced: Students study the book “Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum” by Sheikh Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri. It covers the conditions of the Arabs before the […]

Quran Memorization Course

Online Quran Memorization Course Overview: Your Path to Mastering Quranic Verses Embark on a rewarding journey with our Online Quran Memorization Course, expertly tailored to guide students through the sacred process of memorizing the Quran. Spanning multiple levels, this course is designed to deepen your connection with the Quranic verses, from fundamental memorization techniques to […]

Arabic language course

Our online Arabic course (My Beautiful Language) comprises four educational stages: Preliminary Stage: In this stage, the student learns letter pronunciation, listening, and writing, as well as the ability to read words and sentences in Arabic language. Beginner Stage: Students develop four key Arabic language skills: Listening in Arabic to understand words and sentences. Read […]

Tajweed Course

Tajweed Course Overview: Path to Quran Recitation Excellence Embark on a transformative journey with our Tajweed Course, meticulously designed to cultivate proficiency and a deep spiritual connection to Quranic verses. This course, spanning four progressive stages, guides students from mastering fundamental Arabic letters to the intricate application of Tajweed rules. Through this comprehensive curriculum, students […]

Arabic Letters Principals

Tajweed for beginners focuses on the accurate recitation of the Quran. Like all aspects of Quranic study, students who learn the Quran with Tajweed face the challenge of dedication and commitment. The student who learns Tajweed must understand the complexities of Quranic verses as well as master proper word articulation and mouth movements. To learn […]

Earn Your Ejaza

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