We are in unprecedented times. Never before has our generation seen or experienced anything close to what is currently happening in the world with the COVID-19 pandemic. A global shutdown of schools, businesses, transportation and mosques has brought our society to a complete halt.


How should Muslims respond?

For Muslims, we find ourselves in a further unique situation. Yes, we are anxious, worried about our loved ones contracting the virus and concerned what it means for our financial future. We also know this is an opportunity, a chance to turn to Allah.

“What does Allah want from me in this time?”

All of mankind, collectively, is being tested with this virus.

Healthcare workers are showing up everyday for their patients, instead of running away. Parents are taking on full responsibility of their children’s education, when they were not prepared to do so. We were once social isolating from our families and connecting with the world, we are now connecting with our families and social isolating from the world.


What is the blessing? 

  • Bars, nightclubs and casinos are shutdown.
  • Interest rates fell drastically.
  • People are not eating forbidden animals.
  • Arab countries have banned sheesha.
  • People are making more duaa.
  • Dictators are left powerless.
  • Prison reform is being re-considered.
  • Venice canals are crystal clear again.
  • Everyone is learning how to properly sneeze, cough and yawn, something Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us over 1400 years ago.
  • People are praying on time.
  • People are believing and appreciating science.
  • China’s air pollution dropped dramatically.
  • Reduced emissions and clean air.
  • Deer in Japan are roaming freely without all the tourists. 
  • No food waste, no eating excessively.
  • Increased opportunity for charity and good deeds.
  • Sharing excess supplies with elderly neighbors.
  • Monkeys in Thailand are freely roaming without all the tourists.
  • Sharing housework.
  • Dolphins are seen swimming again in Italy.
  • Praying as a family in congregation.
  • 77,000 lives were possibly saved in China due to reduction in pollution.
  • Finding ways to use your talents for the good of society.

Allah is giving us a chance.

He is giving us time, let us not waste it. When we return to Him on the Day of Judgement, we do not want our behaviors of sleeping all day, kids on video games, constant refreshing social media, to be a testament against us. There is a blessing in this.

“Everything that happens to a believer is good.”