In the Arabian Desert, a full moon is a breathtaking sight to behold. It is smooth, radiant, and clear. It is comforting and astonishingly gentle in comparison to the scorching desert sun. As I gaze upon the moon, I realize that it is the epitome of beauty.

Then a thought occurs to me. I wonder which is more beautiful, the moon or my prophet. The voice of Abu Mabid echoes in my ears as he asks his wife Um Mabid (who met Prophet Mohamed PBUH during his Hijra): “Describe Him To Me.”

This is her response.

“I saw a man of striking appearance (ظاهر الوضاءة). His face was illuminated (أبلج الوجه) and he appeared handsome from every angle (حسن الخِلقة وسيمًا). He was not fat, and he was not thin (تَعِبْه ثجلة لم). He was medium in height and build (رَبْعَة لا تشنؤه من طول، ولا تقتحمه العين من قِصر), evenly proportioned (قسيمًا) yet slightly delicate (غصن). He appeared so finely made that one could refer to him as a perfect specimen of creation.

His eyes were deep-set, with long eyelashes (فى أشفاره عطف). In his eyes, there was a stark contrast – rich darks and bright whites – (أحور أكحل في عينيه دَعَج ) framed by his arched eyebrows (أزَجُّ). His beard was full and thick (فى لحيته كثافة) supported by a lean, strong neck (فى عنقه سَطَع).

From afar, his appearance was impressive (أجمل الناس وأبهاه من بعيد), and when he came near, his beauty was clearly evident (أجمله من قريب).

When he spoke, his voice was melodic, throaty and beautiful (وفى صوته صَحَل). When he was silent, he was bathed in dignity (إن صمتَ فعليه الوقار). His tone was clear and commanding, lofty and beautiful (إن تكلم سَمَا وعلاه البهاء). And his words were smooth like finely polished jewels (كأن منطقه خرزات نظم تَنحدر).

He had friends who were happy to serve him, gathering around at all times (له رفقاء يحفّون به) to listen to him attentively (إن قال أنصتوا لقوله). When he asked for something, they would quickly fulfill his every command with gratitude and honor (إن أمر تبادروا إلى أمره).”

I glance at the moon, while it is stunning when compared to everything else around it, I am now confident that my Rasool shines brighter than the full moon at night. I choose to follow him always, supported by his path and his guidance, with a heart full of love and respect.


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