Muslims who have memorized the Quran will become respected hafiz members of their community, relied upon for their wisdom and perspective. There is a reason that they are held in such high veneration: A complete memorization of the Quran — including the proper pronunciation and diction — is a great undertaking and a challenge for mind and spirit. Just because it is a challenge, however, does not mean that it need be difficult. There are several tips to memorize the Quran more quickly and efficiently.

1.Set Good Goals

Just as people who write down what they’ll eat each day tend to be better at losing weight than those who have no finite plan, so too is it better to set yourself up for memorizing the Quran by setting goals for each study session. These goals do not need to be massive — don’t push yourself to memorize an entire surah in one session — but should be concrete and achievable. Those wondering how to memorize the Quran should have rewards for success and “catch up sessions” when falling short of a goal.

2.Recite Verses During Prayer

Your relationship with Allah can be enriched by directly speaking and praying to Him using the words that He gave to Prophet Muhammad. After you’ve memorized a line, take time to reflect on it and its importance to your life. Challenge yourself to memorize five lines specifically for each of the five daily prayers. You may find yourself not only succeeding in memorizing the lines, but learning a deeper meaning to them.

3.Connect Each Line

It is often difficult to memorize something in isolation. One of the most effective ways of how to memorize the Quran easily is to link it to something you know. For example, if the text references a name of a friend or famous individual, picture him or her reciting. Your linking strategy can be something totally irrelevant to the text. For example, you can connect the number of the verse to a phone number or birthday that’s already in your memory.

4.Make and Use Flashcards

Just like you would study for an important exam in your spare time, you can study individual verses by writing them down on a card and keeping a dozen or so cards around for spare time — waiting in line, taking a work break, etc.

Flashcards are an efficient way for how to memorize the Quran by yourself. Not only do you write down the text and help commit it to memory, but you become much more familiar with each line whenever you happen to pull it out for review.

5.Get Professional Help

While many of the best Quran tips are all about self-study, there’s no question that an excellent teacher can be more helpful (and faster) than relying on yourself to reach the goal. At IQRA, we have world-class instructors who not only can help with Quranic memorization, but also interpretation of text, proper pronunciation and Arabic-language lessons for mastery.

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