Naem Abdel-Ghany


I am Head of the Curriculum ‎Department at IQRA Network and Co-Editor at the Islamic World Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO). I am a linguistic investigations writer for ‎the Encyclopedia of Occupation, published by the College of ‎Sharia and Islamic Studies at Qatar University. I have over 20 years of experience in Education, Scientific […]

Israa Badawy


I began my work as a Quran and Tajweed teacher. Along with an ijazah, I studied Quran and Islam extensively. Currently, you will find me in Customer Support and Outreach. It is a job that I enjoy immensely. My background in teaching gives me an understanding of what a teacher goes through, as well as, […]

Sumayyah Barakat


I have been teaching Arabic to non-native speakers since 2015. It’s a privilege to meet and teach students from all around the world who are passionate about learning Arabic, the language of the Quran. From kids to adults, I have found that everyone likes to learn Arabic in a fun and engaging way. I use […]

Moustafa Mahmoud


My goal is to help and support others, so I volunteered for more than one of the NGOs which helped my community to improve. My hobbies are football and reading in my leisure time.

Donia Sabry


My work with IQRA began in 2020 as an Academic Advisor. My background in teaching Islamic studies and Arabic gives me a unique perspective on matching students with a teacher that meets their goals. It’s such fulfilling work to know that I am a critical part of the first step in a student’s path to […]

Dina Ahmed


My career began 11 years ago as a teacher of Islamic Studies, Quran, and Arabic. My passion in the field of education led me to take an administrative position as the Head of Teacher Training in the Academic Advising Department. I enjoy helping teachers by giving them tools they can use to see their students […]

Ahmed Awwad


I memorized the Quran by my 17th birthday and was named among the 10 best Quran reciters throughout Egypt. My background has given me a great perspective on hiring teachers and why I chose to work in the Human Resources Department, as well as becoming the HR Manager at IQRA. The heart of IQRA are […]

Abdelrahman Hameed


I love working at IQRA. I have the honor of meeting students from their first knock on our door to celebrate their goals of memorizing and reciting the Quran. My background in English and holding an ijaza in hafs, has given me the unique background to becoming a successful academic advisor and coach. I bridge […]