Learn To Read Arabic

Learn To Read Arabic

Learning to read Arabic represents an exciting and fulfilling goal of millions of Muslims worldwide who speak another tongue. The role of this language in the Islamic faith is second to none. All Muslims are encouraged to learn to read Arabic to broaden their understanding of their role and Allah’s will.


The Importance of Reading Arabic

The significance of the Arabic language to Islamic society is reflected in the fact that the revelations given by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were delivered in the Arabic language. Allah told the community of believers that He used this language to be understood. The Arabic of the Quran is considered I’jaz, unmatched by any human speech. Many scholars believe that no Muslim should learn the Quran in a foreign language before learning it in Arabic. Those who wish to undertake the memorization of the Quran, furthermore, must do so in Arabic and not their native language to become a member of the hafiz community.

Individuals who want to learn how to read and write Arabic will face challenges. English-language speakers will find the structure of the Arabic alphabet complex and unfamiliar. Learning the language requires intense dedication to study and commitment to learning the rules and forms of a different alphabet and grammar. Yet it is a challenge that comes with many benefits and represents a major personal and spiritual achievement. Arabic-language speakers have a far richer understanding of Quran, hadith, and the countless great writers and thinkers of Islamic history who recorded their ideas in Arabic.


Learn to Read Arabic Online With IQRA

The good news is, it has never been easier to take Arabic lessons than it is today with an online instructor from IQRA. Online courses allow you and your family to tailor the learning around your schedules. What’s more, IQRA’s experienced instructors help students to not only understand the details of a new language, but how to use their Arabic lessons in context to better understand core concepts of the Islamic faith. Our tutors have graduated from the illustrious Al-Azar University in Cairo, one of the oldest centers of Islamic learning in the world, and have backgrounds in language, religion and history.

The advantages of students learning to read Arabic online include allowing them to go at their pace. Everyone processes languages at different rates. While a traditional language class may expect that all students complete the course by the semester’s conclusion, IQRA’s online format includes flexible scheduling that allows students to set their schedules and proceed at their initiative. This no-pressure learning environment contributes to far better learning and retention — aiming for true mastery instead of simple memorization.

Learning to read Arabic opens many doors of education and faith to students. Not only does it permit them to understand the basics of the language needed for speech, conversation and even debate, but it allows students to graduate to more advanced courses in Quran and Islamic studies. IQRA’s hand-picked teaching materials help students learn context behind every word and sentence. Arabic-speaking Muslims have better opportunities to lead their communities, forge good relations with Muslims across the world, and fully understand the words and commands of God.


Why Not Start Today?

While it is recommended that students start at an early age to acclimate themselves to a foreign language, there is never a student too old to learn Arabic. In fact, many parents find that they, too, benefit from lessons, and bond with their families over the shared experience.

If you believe there’s value in having a student learn how to read and write Arabic, IQRA can help you master this beautiful and compelling language. Schedule your free evaluation today.