Learn To Speak Arabic

Learn To Speak Arabic

To speak Arabic is to speak the same tongue as the holy words of the Quran. Any Muslim who does not speak Arabic as a native language can still follow the commands of Allah, but will never understand the true richness of His voice and His message for the world. This means that Muslims who choose to learn how to speak Arabic will gain a much greater understanding of Islamic theology. They’ll also be able to better communicate and share ideas with the Muslim community — at home and throughout the world.


IQRA Arabic Lessons

Speaking Arabic represents an even greater challenge for the non-fluent than reading it. Nevertheless, mastery of the Arabic language can be achieved with IQRA’s superb online tutors and web-based Arabic lessons. There is no faster way to learn to speak a language than immersion with experienced speakers.

Our instructors, graduates of Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar University, have extensive backgrounds with Arabic words, grammar and pronunciation. They can help students connect the Arabic words they learn and speak to the context of the Islamic faith and its history. Those who succeed and learn Arabic online can take the next step toward reading, and perhaps even memorizing, the Quran.

It should be noted that Arabic lessons are a challenge and must be approached with strong effort. There are many facets of Arabic that are quite different from English or other foreign languages. As an example, verbs appear before subjects and direct objects in Arabic, while some verbs do not appear in a sentence at all if the connection between subjects and objects is clear. The subtle shifts in pronunciation can indicate different words altogether, while dialects emphasize different pronunciations. This makes it difficult for beginners, especially those who try to learn on their own without a native speaker.

Despite all these challenges, a student will be able to succeed at IQRA as long as he or she is willing to put in the work on reading, writing, memorizing and speaking Arabic. Our online platform gives students all the resources they require: one-on-one time, available 24/7, making it possible to schedule lessons and go at a student’s pace. Whether a student can study for the entire day or just commit a few minutes per day, IQRA’s Arabic classes allow you to maximize your time spent learning the language and advance from topic to topic.


Why Learn Arabic?

The benefits to the Muslim community are tremendous. Fluent Arabic speakers are capable of reading the Quran, hadith, and theological arguments from both history and the modern day. Those who take the next step to memorize the Quran and become hafiz are among the most well-respected members of the Islamic faith. Others who are curious about their religion and its practices will be able to better understand the directions given by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Still, others may consider taking courses to learn Arabic online and improve their language skills prior to the hajj pilgrimage, where you will be surrounded by thousands of other Muslims who may only speak this language.

IQRA helps students learn Arabic speech from simple sentences to more complex commands and exchanges. Our instructors can help your family better speak Arabic and understand the nuances of this language. Our students can go on to more advanced classes in Islamic studies once they have mastered the basics of the Arabic language.

Only IQRA connects you with experienced tutors on your schedule, so there are no roadblocks for anyone who wishes to learn how to speak Arabic.