Many parents seek Islamic Distance Education to access high-quality Islamic tutors and materials. Traditionally, students would go to Islamic schools, memorization boarding schools, or classes held in the masjid for Quran, Hadiths, and Islamic studies. With the development of technology and the challenges of the times, educational trends and tools have become quite different.

The question remains – has technological development, and the various educational tools facilitated the learning process for Islamic subjects?

At IQRA Network, we collect information on the difficulties students face in traditional Islamic learning to find technology-based alternatives and practical solutions to strengthen the learning process.

Traditional Learning Difficulties and Its Solution in Islamic Distance Education

1- Time Management

In Traditional Islamic education, a specific time must be adhered to, such as attending a Sunday class at the masjid. There is no option to change it, even in an emergency.

In Distance Islamic educationstudents and parents schedule lessons with the possibility of changing and switching class times to consider any emergencies.

2- Teacher Choice

In Traditional Islamic education, parents can’t choose teachers; students must learn with whoever teachers are available to teach them at the masjid or the local Islamic center.

In Distance Islamic educationparents choose the gender of the teacher. Also, with a dedicated academic coach at IQRA Network, parents can receive a customized plan of study that ensures maximum success.

3–Teaching methods and tools

Traditional Islamic education uses conventional teaching methods through direct memorization and repetition.

Distance Islamic education offers diversity by using various educational and technological methods and tools that keep pace. Therefore, it provides a varied and engaging digital curriculum for a modern interactive approach to written, audio-visual learning methods. 

4-Individual differences

All students receive the same education in traditional Islamic education, whereas distance Islamic education heavily considers individual learning differences.

5- Technological skills

Traditional Islamic education does not use technology but depends heavily on books.

Distance Islamic education embraces technology and nurtures students’ technological confidence. As a result, it helps students develop skills related to working with modern digital technologies.

6-Save time, effort, and money

In Traditional Islamic education, leaving the house and going to the memorization classes outside of prayer requires you to spend extra time, effort, and money. You potentially face traffic, and jam-packed schedules, creating anxiety about arriving on time.

In contrast, one of the most appreciated advantages of distance Islamic education is the convenience of learning in your own home or location. Knowledge is at your fingertips without adding the extra challenges of transportation. Students can join and access online classes and assignments while still receiving a quality education. Therefore, distance education has become preferable for many students who want to save time for hobbies or other tasks. More importantly, it provides the consistency and frequency necessary to reach your goals in subjects such as Quran Memorization.

In conclusion, distance Islamic education has become a dependable, sought-after avenue for learning in the modern era. It is replacing in-person instruction with its borderless potential. It is an effective alternative to traditional learning as it uses modern and relatable teaching tools and styles. Distance learning promotes students’ success and ultimately raises their confidence, carving a path for their future success.

 IQRA Network provides strategies to help your children learn the Arabic language, the Noble Quran, and Islamic studies. We use distinctive and interactive technological curricula that keep pace with the times at the hands of experts. Our trained Quran and Arabic teachers are graduates from the most prestigious universities. Islamic institutes know how to deal with students’ needs and individual differences.

There’s peace of mind knowing your child is sitting with a teacher committed to their success.

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