My Aqidah (عقيدتي)

Learn the basics of Islam including belief in Allah (God) and Tawhid (monotheism), belief in the angels, belief in the holy book and prophets, belief in the Resurrection and belief in predestination.


About This Course

AQIDAH is the word for creed; it encompasses articles  of faith that every young or adult Muslim should know and believe in.

The bootcamp is a 30 hour education program designed for children and adults to develop an unshaken knowledge of Aqidah.

Students of all ages are welcomed, they are divided into small groups  based on age and gender that meet for 3 hours per week plus 2 optional hours for practical activities related to Aqidah. This course will help young and adult Muslims as well as non-Muslims immeasurably to gain knowledge of Aqidah understand a cornerstone of Islam.

What you’ll learn

Learning goals:

Belief in Allah (God)
Tawhid (Monotheism) and Shirk and its forms
Belief in the Angels
Belief in the Holy Books
Belief in the Prophets
Belief in the Resurrection and What it Means
Belief in Predestination

Who Teaches

Ayah N.
Ayah N.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies
Haytham E.
Haytham E.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies - Al-Azhar University

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  • Length: 30 hours
  • Effort: 3 hours per week (2 optional)
  • Subject: Aqidah
  • Level: Introductory
  • Languages: English, Arabic
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