Aqidah Essentials Course

Are you looking to take an Aqidah essentials class online?  To be a Muslim is not just to pray, give alms, complete the pilgrimage, and fast during the Holy Month. It’s also about understanding the complexities of one’s faith, the role of Allah, His servants and messengers, and His plan for the world. These Islam beliefs make up the core of a Muslim’s Aqidah and help him or her live a life with a richer understanding of his or her purpose on Earth.

In this Islamic Aqidah essentials online course, students will learn the basics of Islam — including belief in Allah and Tawheed (monotheism), belief in the angels, belief in the holy book and prophets, belief in the resurrection, and belief in predestination. At the conclusion of the course, they will be able to understand the central philosophies of Islam and come to a deeper understanding of the pact that all Muslims have forged with Allah.




Aqidah is the word for creed; it encompasses articles of faith that every young or adult Muslim should know and believe. To be a Muslim without an understanding of Aqidah is akin to being a pilot who does not know why his or her plane can fly through the air: It leaves one aimless and without a clear understanding of the most important matters of life and faith.

All schools of Islamic religion beliefs agree on the six principle articles of faith for Muslims:

  1. Belief in Allah and the understanding that He is the only God (Tawheed)
  2. Belief in the angels who implement God’s word and law
  3. Belief in the holy texts, including the Quran, Tawrat (the Torah or the Old Testament), Zabur (book of Psalms) and Injil (gospels)
  4. Belief in the prophets and messengers of God
  5. Belief in the final judgment of man and the resurrection
  6. Belief in Qadar, predestination and the power of God’s omnipotence


Course Prerequisites

What are the prerequisites for taking our Aqidah essentials lessons online? A student entering the Aqidah class needs to have completed the Noor Al-Bayan class first. This prerequisite gives the student a firm understanding of the Arabic language and the Quran — crucial to better understand the principles of Tawheed in Quran, hadith and other sources. Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed, as every Muslim can always learn more about the structure of his or her religion and the principles that should guide men and women every day.



Like many other aspects of Islamic education, students in the Aqidah class will need to commit to delving into the texts and discussions whole-heartedly with the goal of intellectual and spiritual improvement. We’ve structured the Aqidah course in a 30-hour “boot camp” session so that both children and adults will be able to immerse themselves in the materials and come out with a far stronger knowledge of their faith and commitment to God.

During the course, students will be divided into small groups based on age and gender. Students will meet for three hours per week, plus two optional hours for practical activities related to Aqidah. This course will help young and adult Muslims (as well as non-Muslims who are curious about the religion or Islamic culture) immeasurably gain knowledge of Aqidah and understand this cornerstone of Islam.


What you’ll learn

Learning goals:

  • Belief in Allah (God)
  • Tawheed Islam(Monotheism) and Shirk and its forms
  • Belief in the Angels
  • Belief in the Holy Books
  • Belief in the Prophets
  • Belief in the Resurrection and What it Means
  • Belief in Predestination



If you’re comparing Aqidah essentials courses online, choose IQRA. IQRA’s highly trained, professional tutors will work one-on-one with you in your small group, providing immediate feedback, support and motivation throughout your class. To sign up for classes, schedule your free evaluation here.


Who Teaches

Our expert instructors have a comprehensive background in Islamic studies and the core philosophies that guide all Muslims — from imams and mullahs to the average man or woman. Their ability to contextualize the lessons of Aqidah with Islamic beliefs will help students see how this course can benefit them both spiritually and as a leader within their Islamic community.


Ayah N.
Ayah N.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies
Haytham E.
Haytham E.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies - Al-Azhar University

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  • Length: 30 hours
  • Effort: 3 hours per week (2 optional)
  • Subject: Aqidah
  • Level: Introductory
  • Languages: English, Arabic
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