Fiqh Essentials (أساسيات الفقة)

Searching for online Fiqh courses? Fiqh is Islamic jurisprudence and means knowledge about Islamic legal rulings based on deriving them from authentic sources. Our Fiqh lessons provide a simplified yet in-depth look into all matters of life. The course is specifically designed to cover the essentials that every Muslim child and adult should know.

During his lifetime, Prophet Muhammad interpreted and explained the Quran and hadiths to Muslims. After his death, Muslims needed to be able to interpret the words of Allah and his messenger. Recording and documenting the words of the Prophet was the first step. Fiqh involves interpreting Islamic sources of knowledge, explaining and sharing them with Muslims so that they can fully embrace their religion.

Fiqh draws from four primary sources:

  • • The Quran
  • • Hadiths, or quotes of the Prophet
  • • Al-Ijmaa’, or scholarly consensus
  • • Qiyas, or drawing parallels between issues that have Al-Ijmaa’ and issues that do not have Al-Ijmaa’

There are different schools of Fiqh in Islam. While they share many of the same rulings, they may differ on specific interpretations of certain hadiths, Quran verses and how they apply Qiyas. The schools of Fiqh are named after the jurists who preached their teaching. The four primary schools are Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi’ and Hanbali.


About This Course

Designed by scholars from Al-Azhar University, Fiqh Essentials covers key aspects of the faith that every Muslim should know, including:

  • • Body purification
  • • Cleansing rituals like ablution (wudu’), ghusi and tayammum
  • • Prayer and supplication
  • • Zakah, or the giving of alms
  • • Fasting
  • • Hajj and umrah, pilgrimages to Mecca



Looking for a Hanafi Fiqh online course? Our Fiqh online class covers topics from the perspectives of all major schools of Fiqh: Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi and Hanbali. At IQRA, we strive to give our students the opportunity to understand Islam and embrace their faith more deeply by learning more about it. Our experienced, high-quality instructors will work with you at regular intervals to help you learn and practice Arabic, study the Quran and explore the elements of Fiqh.

Our classes are offered 24/7, which means you’re sure to find a time that will fit into your schedule. Our interactive video sessions let you receive immediate feedback from your tutor, who will help motivate and support you. Finally, our teaching materials have been created by expert Arabic speakers and Quran scholars and are designed to deliver the best results. To sign up for classes, schedule your free evaluation here.

Who Teaches

Amina H.
Amina H.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies - Al-Azhar University

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