Every parent wants to raise their children the best way they can. Parents want their children to achieve success, and success takes many different forms. Success can be financial, social, emotional and even spiritual. For some families, having their children learn the Quran is the cornerstone to success in all areas of life.

In the following sections, you can learn more about the Quran and how it relates to child learning. Some may think that children will be unable to understand the Quran and its teachings, but you’ll find that childhood is actually the best time for someone to begin their journey of understanding this sacred text. Learn why your child should learn the Quran below.

What Is the Quran?

First, you should understand exactly what the Quran is. As a parent, it’s your duty to know what your child is reading and recommend books to help shape and guide their worldview. Whether you’re well-versed in its passages or you’re simply curious about its benefits to your children, it’s important to understand the significance of the Quran.

The religion of Islam reveres the Quran as its sacred scripture. Traditional Islamic belief states that the angel Gabriel revealed the Quran to the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) during a period of almost 23 years that spanned from 610 to 632 CE.

Muslims believe the Quran to be a literal transcript of the speech of Allah, which is the Arabic word for “God.” Therefore, the finished product of the Quran is the earthly manifestation of the heavenly original — Allah’s own words. This gives the Quran its sacred character and is the reason why Muslims have preserved the Quran down to the letter for over a thousand years.

The Quran is the bedrock of the Islamic belief system. Its teachings guide family and social life for Muslims, making it critical for young children in Muslim families to learn as they grow into adulthood. The Quran contains the directions for Muslims to follow to honor Allah and have a relationship with Him. It also contains historical accounts of various people and prophets, adding to Muslim culture and identity.

How Old Should Children Be When They Learn the Quran?

How Old Should Children Be When They Learn the Quran?

We’ve found that the best age to start learning the Quran as a child is 7 years old. However, every child is different. Some children have excellent reading and retention abilities from a young age. Others may struggle to read or forget what they read until they’re a little older and have practiced better reading habits. Other children may be averse to reading and lack critical reading skills later in their childhood.

Know your child and understand where they are on their reading journey. As their parent, you have the best knowledge for whether it’s time for your child to learn the Quran.

Now, you also need to consider a book’s reading level and match that with your child. A 7-year-old child may be able to absorb content written at a first- or second-grade reading level, though some children may read below or above their grade level. This begs the question of what reading level the Quran possesses and whether your child can read it with comprehension.

As a sacred text meticulously preserved since its original writing, it’s safe to say that the Quran is a complex text. It demands a strong level of reading abilities and reading retention to fully understand and appreciate. In fact, many Muslims devote their entire lives to studying it, showing its depth of knowledge. But take heart — your child can still experience many benefits from reading the Quran, even at a young age.

What Should Children Know Before They Learn the Quran?

You’ll want to prepare your children before they start reading the Quran. By giving your children the right foundation, they can have a more enjoyable experience by having a better understanding of what they can expect and look forward to. If they experience some difficulties, those difficulties will be much more manageable with the right knowledge beforehand.

That’s why the first thing your children should know before learning the Quran is what the Quran is. You read a brief background of this information above, but that is only scratching the surface. Perhaps you have extensive knowledge of the Quran that you can share with your child. Maybe you’re new to the Quran and still need more study. Either way, if you can let your child know more about this sacred book, they could be more eager to discover what it says within its pages.

But you should also be realistic with your children regarding the difficulty of the content. The Quran can be challenging to read depending on your child’s reading and comprehension level. This is because of its sacred literation. Many Muslims consider the original Arabic transcript to be the only acceptable version of the Quran. Although translations in other languages are available, the true experience of reading the Quran comes from reading it in its original, preserved language. The truth is that this can be difficult for some children.

Many children can use extra education to fully grasp the language and the content of the Quran. If you think your child may need to take classes to guide their learning and understanding of the Quran, you should talk to them about this possibility. Let your child know that these classes will benefit them in the long run. Your child can engage with this sacred text through classes that make understanding the Quran more accessible.

Why Should Children Learn the Quran?

Why Should Children Learn the Quran?

Children should learn the Quran for many reasons. Read about three of the most important ones below.

1. It Can Instill Values and Morals at a Young Age

Now is always the best time to start teaching your children about proper morals and values. For Muslims, the ultimate foundation for living life is the Quran. Often, modern culture has a greater focus on accumulating wealth and seeking selfish pleasures than following the will of Allah. But Muslims know that living life according to the will of Allah should come above all else. Wealth and temporary pleasures may come, but the instruction found in the Quran must come first. Children can benefit from learning this truth early.

Plus, the world’s values are always changing. Governments make new laws, and neighborhoods redefine what it means to be a good neighbor. The world’s values shift. What is socially acceptable one year can be disrespectful the next, whether or not such an action is acceptable to Allah according to the Quran. The constant shifts of society can be confusing to children growing up in such a world.

The Quran can serve as an anchor in the storm. When navigating the world starts feeling like a maze, your child can remember the words of the Quran for guidance. When life starts to feel rocky, the teachings of the Quran can serve as a foundation to weather the storm.

What children learn at a young age influences their lives as they get older. This includes the Quran. When your child becomes an adult, they may remember teachings from the Quran they learned during their childhood when they need them most. This can help them through difficult situations. Children can carry the values and morals they learn from the Quran into their adult lives, shaping them into better individuals and citizens.

2. It Will Help Develop Critical Thinking and Reading Skills

Much of the literature today is low-quality in terms of the valuable skills it imparts to children. In fact, some mainstream reading material can potentially have a negative effect on children, using low reading level writing and containing inappropriate messaging. While it’s true that good literature still exists and is still being written, it can be hard as a parent to know if the books your child is reading are good for their developing minds.

For Muslims, the best book you can have your child read is the Quran. Its writing style and language encourage improvement in your child’s reading ability. The Quran’s level of writing and presentation of scenarios is far beyond much of the writing that pop culture markets toward children. And since the Quran contains instructions for life given by Allah, you know that your child will be getting approved content.

It’s also important to note that reading the Quran can help develop your child’s critical thinking skills in ways other books are simply unable to. The scenarios and teachings recorded throughout the Quran discuss topics that can literally change a person’s worldview. The lessons discussed in moments of dialogue can steer one’s mind in a new direction, changing the way they perceive and analyze situations. As a result, your child can hone their critical thinking skills by reading and musing upon the scenarios found within the Quran’s pages.

3. Children Retain Information Better Than Adults When Learning New Skills

Above, we mentioned that studying the Quran at a young age can lay a foundation for children that can exist into their adult years. An example of this could be your child recalling an encouraging passage of the Quran they learned in their childhood during a difficult time as an adult. The reason behind this phenomenon is the fact that children retain information better than adults when learning new skills. This can include the skills of reading, studying and memorizing the Quran.

Since children have the ability to retain information better than adults, you have a heavy responsibility to ensure your children are consuming the best information possible. You may be unable to control every bit of reading material your children lay their eyes on, but you can ensure they’re reading what you know can have a lasting positive impact on their life — the Quran. For Muslims, the Quran is the ultimate piece of writing to impart valuable information to your children that they could remember for years to come.

Without a childhood foundation in the Quran, your children could lack important foundational teachings of Islam. Childhood is the time to familiarize your child with the Quran so they can carry that knowledge with them throughout their life. Retaining this important information now will help them on their lifelong journey of being a better person and living a life according to the teachings of the Quran.

How Do I Begin Teaching My Children the Quran?

How Do I Begin Teaching My Children the Quran?

Now that you know more about the reasons kids should learn the Quran, the next step is to begin teaching your children about the Quran. This task may seem like a lot to undertake, but with the right techniques — and a little help — you can do it. Here are some tips for teaching children the Quran to keep in mind:

Let IQRA Network Help Your Child Learn the Quran Online

Let IQRA Network Help Your Child Learn the Quran Online

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