My Beautiful Language Comprehensive (لغتي الجميلة)

Learn Arabic and master the language of the Quran with a comprehensive course divided into 4 levels and 14 stages that span the breadth and depth of the Arabic language from not being able to recognize the letters of the alphabet to advanced levels that study selected topics in grammar and literature.

About This Course

Designed with scholars from Al-Azhar University, My Beautiful Language Comprehensive focuses on 5 core skills including listening, reading, conversation, expression and writing. The syllabus is divided into 2 preliminary levels that provide solid foundation followed by 3 A level, 3 B level, 3 C level and 3 D level courses that allow students to grasp the language and put to actual use. The following chart provide a synopsis of the structure and goals of the syllabus. Arabic Syllabus Arabic

What you’ll learn

Learning goals: Perfect the pronunciation and writing of Arabic letters Recognize Arabic phonetics and their composition into words Recognize Arabic articulation points Enable effective expression through a variety of short conversations Enable free form conversation with others Develop the ability to write in Arabic For the reading syllabus, study the Sirah of the prophet and read a variety of Sirah topics and topics from Islamic history to expand vocabulary. For the grammar syllabus, study the basic of Arabic grammar.

Who Teaches

Ayah N.
Ayah N.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies
Amina H.
Amina H.
Bachelor's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies - Al-Azhar University

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  • Length: 50 hrs (Pre), 120 hrs (A, B and C)
  • Effort: 3 hours per week (2 optional)
  • Subject: Arabic
  • Level: Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Languages: Arabic
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